Draycote report w/e 5/5

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As much as we all prayed for some warm weather to finally wet our nets on a more consistent basis, the warm weather quite often brings along with it the dreaded word “algae”. Last week we saw a recent bloom all but disappear, all but to return after the weekends long awaited warm sunshine. As I write this report this morning’s cool  weather has already cleared the water compared to yesterday. The next few days weather forecast should clear the water to give a good clarity again.

The fishing however was still very good, though a little more thought was required to catch them, as once again the fish homed into the cleaner water, often near the margins. The buzzer fishing still has not reached its full potential as the water temperature still remains generally cool. Buzzer hatches are now frequent with clouds of literally thousands over the waters edge during the evenings and early afternoon. The fish however are still not swimming freely on or near the surface, so different approaches other than floating lines are still needed most of the time.

Some very good fish have started to show now too. Mr Denney returned a fish he estimated at 12lb, taken in Toft Shallows. Mr Habbal landed a rainbow of 8lb 5oz, another fish of 8lb 4oz was also recorded.

The boats have done well fishing Toft Shallows, The Inlet, The Tower and the Draycote Dam. Sinking lines and lures are still taking the majority of fish from the boats, using Di-5 and Di-3 lines with blobs and boobies. Black and green lures are also working well. On less windy days buzzers have done well too.

The bank continues to do well with many bag limits being taken. Buzzers have been a good choice from the bank on floating lines, though black and green lures continue to catch good amounts of fish. The best areas have been Bottom of Toft Shallows, the Tower Bank, Dunns Bay ,Lincroft Point, and the Hensbrough Dam wall.

Competition News

Saturday July the 13th  – Rio Boat Pairs Match – Fished to International Rules and floating line only. Fish with your partner and enjoy some fantastic top of the water sport. £1000 worth of tackle for the winning pair, and superb prizes worth over £500 for 2nd and 3rd. Prizes to 10th place. Entry fee only £25pp plus fishing fees.(prize values subject to the number of entrants)

27th and 28th of July – The Lexus International Individual competition. Fished to International rules. The winners go through to the International Final with the chance of winning a Lexus 4×4. See www.lexusflyfishing.co.uk for booking details

Sunday August 4th – £1000 pairs boat match – floating line only. Boat pairs to be drawn on the morning. The £1000 prize fund will go the pair with the heaviest weight. (The prize fund value will be subject to number of entrants and may change) Entry £25pp + entry fees

Sunday 13th October – £1000 Fished to reservoir rules. Fish with your partner. The £1000 prize money will go to the heaviest pairs overall bag weight. Entry fee £25 + fishing fees.


Number of fish killed 578

Number of fish returned 834

Number of rods 332

Rod Av 4.25

Water Clarity – slight colour but clearing

Tight Lines

Craig Barr www.flashattackflies.com