Permit Prices

2018 Season 2nd March ~ 30th November

  • A junior may share an adult’s permit.
  • Bank Fishing from 7.30am.
  • Angling Clubs, Competitions, Group Boat Discounts available contact the lodge for further information
  • 3 Day Packages

Day Permit Loyalty Card.

Pick up a Loyalty Card at Thornton, Draycote, Eyebrook or Foremark lodges.
Once you have purchased 10 of the same day permit you receive your 11th visit FREE.
Our loyalty card can be used at any of our three reservoirs.

1 Fish Kill + Catch & Release £18.00
4 Fish Kill + Catch & Release £24.00
6 Fish Kill + Catch & Release New for 2018   £28.00

Please note:- the change to our upper kill permit, for 2018 this is reduced to a 6 FISH KILL to enable us to keep the upper day permit below £30.00                  

Last 4 hour Permit

1 Fish Kill + Catch & Release £10.00

Boat Prices

  • 34 Boats (we can for competitions increase the number of boats to 60)
  • Available from 8.30am
  • Lifejackets to be worn at all times, you may wear your own or FM(UK)Ltd will provide lifejackets.
  • No Boats Out If forecasted Wind Speed of 25mph plus is expected.

Boat Loyalty Card

Pick up a Boat Loyalty Card at Draycote, Eyebrook or Foremark lodges, once you have purchased 8 boats you receive your 9th boat FREE, our loyalty card can be used at any of our fisheries with petrol engines on the boats, therefore it includes Draycote & Foremark.

Offer excludes 2 – 3 – 4 day packages & last 4 hour boat

Full Day Boat 2 Rods £24.50
Full Day Boat 1 Rod £19.00
Part Day Boat Morning or Afternoon 2 Rods £15.00
Part Day  Boat  Morning or Afternoon 1 Rod £13.50

Last 4 hour Boat, perfect for fishing the evening rise

Last 4 Hour Boat £10.00

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