Draycote Water fishing report week ending Sunday 20th October 2019

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Draycote Water fishing report week ending Sunday 20th October 2019

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Fantastic sport has continued at Draycote this week, with fish continuing to prey on small perch. Rod averages of around 5 or 6 have been recorded most days. Shrimp patterns have also accounted for fish around the shoreline and a few anglers have successfully stayed with the dries. Nevertheless, with the general drop in temperatures, fry based patterns are now producing most of the fish for bank & boat anglers alike. With a good spread of fish population, we would be hard pushed to pick a particular spot that was better than others, suffice to say that anywhere along the dam walls, or up against the shoals, seems to be holding feeding fish. Snakes continue to work particularly the olive & black barred variety, as are humungus, weighted & booby versions, presented mainly on slow sinking lines. Floating fry patterns on a floating line, either static or popped through the surface, has also been effective from boat and bank. The fish are still holding in the top four feet or so of the water column, which is why intermediate lines to a DI3 have, overall, produced the best results.

This week 243 anglers have caught 1227 trout, giving us a weekly rod average of 5.04

Monday was a great day to be out on the water with bank and boat anglers catching good numbers. Although only a dozen fished, most caught well to record a 5.8 rod average for the day. Ian Shobbrook fished a twitched suspender minkie from the bank at the overflow to catch five rainbows to 4lbs 20z. Brian Allwood also fished from the bank and took a brace of fine rainbows on an Apps Bloodworm. Craig Cowan and Ian Dobbie boat fished targeting fry feeders and netted 17 & 15 respectively mainly on snakes. They worked their way around the venue catching all over. They did note that their morning session was far more productive than the afternoon (which was cut short by torrential rain). Tuesday was a day of mixed weather conditions but great fishing. Richard Walker had a good day on the bank with 8 fish from Lincroft Point and the Willow Tree on Hare’s Ears. Colin Grainger & Brian Warwick landed six each on the bank. They fished together at the Swan’s Nest using a team comprising Fab blob, black diawl bach & floating fry. Season permit holder Paul Walley was on the bank too and caught ten fish using a FAB and diawl bachs in the same area. Out in the boat Messrs Bennett & Smith caught 7 each just off Farborough Spit. Howard and Marion Rutter netted dozen between them on fry patterns and commented on a having had “…a cracking day”. Draycote regular Eugene Hughes used Minkie Boobies from a boat to net 15 grown on rainbows on humungus patterns. Things were a little more challenging on Wednesday, but those searching the venue were rewarded by intercepting pods of roving fish. Steve Radcliffe found success fishing a booby fry pattern presented on a floating line, using a roly-poly retrieve on drifts from C to D buoy & then later from A buoy down to M. Alex Campbell fished a little deeper using a Di5 & black snakes to find fish in Toft, the Flat Stones & finally at the Farborough Spit. His morning session saw 6 fine rainbows to over 4lbs netted. Keith Coley & boat partner Bob Taft were also enjoying action all over, fishing even deeper on the day with lure patterns on Di7s. Their day ended with a fine joint tally of 18 to the boat. Steve Robinson did well on the bank for a five fish total although he did not record his location or tactics in the record. Thursday was a very busy day with over 50 anglers on the water. Tony Broadway led the way on the bank fishing from the Swan’s Nest. He started pulling with Cat’s Whisker patterns in conjunction with FABs but then went over to minkies catching fry feeding rainbows. Amongst the four he took for the pot was a beautiful rainbow of 4¼lbs with a further 12 caught & released. John Hoskins shared a boat with Ivor Bullock & concentrated their efforts on the Hensborough Bank. John fished white & silver humungus on a Di3 whilst Ivor stuck to his floater. Whilst most fish came to the sub surface approach, the pair had a hectic session with 11 grown on fish to the 4lbs mark. Chris Discombe fished further up in Rainbow Corner to land 6 including a 4lbs+ fish whilst Ian Pugh & Tony Whitcher netted 12 between them. Andy Birkett was back with us for another three day stint and did well on the minkies in the morning, off the old school slips, following which he reverted to his #4 weight outfit & dries to tempt fish over the middle & down towards the Farborough Spit later in the afternoon. Fish were holding in any wind lanes which he managed get into &, although not showing, were coming to his presentations blind. A brisk & gusty WSW on Friday saw a continuation of fry feeding action particularly from the Overflow, down the Hensborough & along the Old School Slips. Despite some heavy showers, some beautiful rainbows came to net. Sean Gilbert commented on the “…fantastic fin perfect fish…” after an 8 fish session. Andy Birkett landed another 11, (again to a mix of fry patterns & then dries) whilst Lee Henfrey was afloat guiding and got his client into plenty of fry feeding sport – with a double figure tally come the end of their stint. I fished on a day off as well & probably experienced my best session of the season with some perfect fish to 4lbs+ catching at Farborough Spit, the Flat Stones & the length of the Hensborough Bank using humungus patterns on a Di3. Tony Broadway was back on the bank at the Swan’s Nest where he netted another 8 – this time on floating fry. Peter Elliott alternated between snakes & floating fry on the bank at the overflow & enjoyed fine sport with a total of 16 landed by the end of what proved to be a terrific day.

The weekend saw plenty of anglers out, especially in the boats, with Saturday proving to be the most productive. Jim Dempsey & Ifor Jones fished their usual rudder tactics and had as exceptional day along the Sailing Club side with 18 & 20 respectively to the boat. Andy Birkett ended his three day “Fry & Dry” break with a well fought for 14 & Kevin Barnett’s four angler party had a frenetic day on minkies finishing with a 67 fish total representing an amazing 16.75 rod average for the group! All Water member Mark Hunt was also into the fry feeding action using olive snakes along the Hensborough for an 8 fish tally which was topped off by a magnificent rainbow of 6lbs 4 oz. Neil Deakin also had some fabulous fish up to 4lbs 14oz. He fished tubes along the dam walls to net a total of 27 rainbows. Action was also good on the bank with Tim Davies catching 5 from Toft & Lin Croft on black & red lures whilst Mike Garner netted 6 from the bank at the overflow on fry patterns. Not to be held back by a late start, Mark Thistledon also bank fished at the overflow near Mike & landed a 4 fish limit with three further fish caught & released to a mix of snake & hare’s ear nymph. Over on the opposite side Stan Hillman concentrated on Biggin & the Tower bank to land 10. Come Sunday, Keith Harding boat fished and “stripped snakes & humungus on a Di 3 all day – now I’m tired…”. He was rewarded for his efforts though with 16 to the net. Jim Smith & Ed Douglas netted their usual double figure catch but came off their dries in favour of fry patterns. Messrs Beaumont & Hall boat fished a mix of snakes & tubes on a Di3 for a combined 18 fish tally whilst Jobe Burnham used popper minkies in Toft for a 10 fish tally with several rainbows in the three pounds+ class. Of particular note, bank fishing on the lodge side of Toft, was Keith Jones with an 11 fish total. Fishing with John Pearson who himself caught five, Keith was obliged to John for the supply of his home-tied (“secret recipe”) perch fry patterns! Mark Parsley also did very well with 9 to floating fry, shrimp & minkie. On the Tower Bank Dave Baker presented a team of buzzer propped up with a FAB to enjoy regular action with five rainbows landed.

A continuation of such fine sport is anticipated as the results during this reporting period have been, at times, astounding. The best thing is… we still have another five weeks of it to enjoy!



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