Draycote Report W/E 7th July 2019

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Draycote Water weekly fishing report week ending Sunday 7th July 2019

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Following on from a good report last week, Draycote has literally exploded. The rod average shot up to a tremendous 8.3 on Monday, and has remained above 6 for the rest of the week. The bright and sunny conditions that persisted through the middle of the week have not put the fish off in the slightest, and indeed fish continue to be caught on dries on the surface, right down through the water column into the depths of the reservoir. Nearly every method is working now, and nearly every fly. Some anglers have persisted with dries right through the middle of the day and netted well into double figures, whilst others have straight lined buzzers off a floating line, or used crunchers on a midge tip, whilst again other anglers have used sinking lines and snakes to net good returns. To be fair the bank angling here at Draycote has not had the greatest of seasons, but this week that also seems to have changed. The Swans nest, Lincroft point and Rainbow Corner seem to have come alive towards the latter part of the week, with good returns coming on buzzers, Diawl Bachs and dries. Overall a total of 221 anglers visited the fishery making the most out of the amazing fishing. Landing a total of 1,391 fish for a fantastic 6.2 rod average for the week.

Bright conditions greeted us on Monday with a light north westerly breeze, and the chance of light showers throughout the day. The boat paring of Terry Evans and Joe Bilinski netted 45 fish between them on Diawl Bachs.

The boat pairing of Gary Johnson and John Slavin had 30 plus fish to the boat in rainbow corner and around A buoy, on olive snakes and a white minky. Gary and John were taking advantage of our 4 day package which costs just £194 for two anglers. Details on our short break package page  www.flyfishdraycote.co.uk/prices/short-break-packages/ split your visits between our fisheries.

Dave Bailey and Alan Cooke netted 28 fish from a boat using buzzers, olive snakes and hoppers around the valve tower. Draycote regular Rod Wilson had 30 plus fish to the boat on a DI3 with pink and olive snakes. Steve Barby and Andy Bell netted 32 fish from a boat on tubes and pink snakes, and then dries.

The sun was splitting the skies first thing on Tuesday with the threat of a flat calm day. Bank angling was a hit and miss affair with Season permit holder Tony Broadway netting 3 fish on dries. Alan Grant improved this slightly with 4 fish from the tower bank. Again Gary Johnson and John Slavin took to the water to net nearly 40 fish between them on nemo crunchers and FAB’s on a 10 foot midge tip line.  Gary and John caught most of their fish around A and B buoy. Season permit holder Jim Hall caught 3 rainbows and a duck from the bank. (ducks are of course full catch and release) Mr H Smith and Mr C Meade had 16 fish to the boat on buzzers and Diawl Bachs.

Wednesday started bright with a light breeze which kept swirling around and changing direction throughout the morning and didn’t settle into a steady northerly until mid afternoon. Despite the conditions Draycote again fished well with Johnson and Slavin once again enjoying a great day boating 17 fish on DI5’s and minkies. Chris Discombe caught 8 fish from around the aerators on snakes. Mike Gillett and Colin Campbell caught 16 fish from a boat on Diawl Bachs in Biggin bay. Mr K Higgins and Mr J Wilson caught half a dozen deep down on snakes and sinking lines.

Thursday was the final day for Gary Johnson and John Slavin and the fishing did not disappoint. The pair netted a further 27 fish on Red Holographic Crunchers (Nemos) and FAB’s on a ten foot midge tip from the Hensborough bank and around G buoy down in toft. Season permit holder Dave Smith netted 8 fish from a boat on a DI3 with FAB’s and crunchers off Biggin bay. All water season permit holder Jamie Scott caught 23 fish using a Dennis the menace buzzer on a fast glass in the aerators. All water member Ged O’Donaghue had 9 fish to the boat on snakes. Steve Lee used mini snakes on a DI5 in the aerators to net 18 fish. Mr B Hall and Mr I Morris remarked on the quality of the fish after boating 21 between them on hares ears in Biggin bay. “Jim and Ed” did themselves proud with over 30 fish to the boat, every one of them falling to a dry fly, fishing tight in to Rainbow Corner in a short half day session.

Friday was bright and sunny all day with a very light westerly breeze. Season permit holder Brian Allwood banked fished from Lincroft point to land 4 fish, one of which was a cracking full tailed 4lb 2 oz rainbow. (The photo can be seen on our Facebook page www.facebook.com/flyfishstore). Draycote regular Ivor Bullock netted 7 fish from the bank. Mr John Hoskins caught 22 fish from a boat on sinking lines and lures. Peter Elliott netted 25 fish from a drifting boat on a combination of a washing line and dries. All water season permit holder Alex Urquhart caught 15 fish from a drifting boat and remarked on the good quality of the fish. Mr J Wood remarked on an incredible days fishing after catching had 21 fish from a boat on the washing line.

Saturday remained overcast all day with a few light showers drifting through in the afternoon. Draycote manager Tom Bird took to the water on his day off to net over 20 fish on dries near on drifts from the Draycote dam to B buoy. Tom found the fish keen take Claret Crippled Midge and Fario Olive CDC’s. Paul Davison also fished from a boat in the same area as Tom landing a cricket score with Ginger Midas being his top fly and commented on the amount of fish that came blind to the dries and the amazing quality of the fish. Mike Garner netted 11 fish whilst bank fishing in Rainbow Corner on crunchers.  Another season ticket holder who found the fish in Rainbow Corner was Jim Hall who landed 15 fish all on dries with a Sedge pattern being best pattern. Tim Sykes & Richard Pelly enjoyed a great days sport landing over 20 to the boat using Yellow Owl’s and Big Reds, from various areas of the Reservoir. The rudder boats of Jim Dempsey and Melvin Severn enjoyed a good day with both boats landing into double figures. They found a good stamp of top quality fish deep down around the deeper water at B Buoy using a Di 7 sinking line and a silver tube.

The conditions for Sunday make the fishing slightly more challenging after the near perfect conditions of the day before. With Easterly winds very little to no wind and sun for most of the day. However, despite the conditions the fish still rose to dry flies. Paul Davision returned with Tony Baldwin with the pair landing over 20 fish to the boat all on Midas and Tony commented all the fish where over 3lb and in fantastic condition. All water season ticket holder Jim Smith fishing with Manger Tom Bird, fishing around B buoy near Tony & Paul to also boat over 20 fish to the boat. Jim & Tom also found that it was the bigger flies in the less than ideal conditions that would pull the fish up to the surface to eat the dries. Michael Hanlon fished the open water around X buoy using a DI 5 forty plus and an olive snake to land 7 fish as well as dropping a few others. Richard Walker & Peter Davies fishing in the Aerators and around B buoy on snakes to boat 13 fish between them. Peter Saunders landed 7 fish using buzzers and a blob fished on a Di 5 around B Buoy.

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Weekly Stats:  

Number Rods:    221    Number Trout Taken:  319      Number Trout Released:   1072

Total Catch: 1391         Rod Average: 6.2

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