Draycote Water Fishing Report w/e Sunday 17th April 2022

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Weekly Fishing Report: Draycote, Eyebrook, Thornton

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Week Ending:  Sunday 17th April 2022              Rod Av:  8.5        Water Temperature: 10 °C

It was a bit bumpy out on Draycote on Monday with a strong south easterly wind. Biggin Bay was the place to be early in the day, but through into the afternoon it became a bit uncomfortable and coloured up slightly. Anglers could then be seen heading for the leeward shore where there was still some good fishing to be had. The day still produced a good rod average with boat and bank anglers making some good returns. Bob Smith and Ian Richardson netted 20 fish and remarked on an “excellent day, but the wind was not so good.” The pair fished near Duggies Gap using DI3’s with boobies and buzzers. Andy Birkett and Brent Vinall, taking advantage of one of our three day packages, had over 30 fish to the boat between them, on buzzers in the morning, and lures in the afternoon. Steve Peart had 20 plus to the boat using an olive humungus and then black buzzers.

A great days sport at Draycote with both bank and boat anglers enjoying some great sport with the rod average for the day finishing at 9.4 fish per angler. On the bank season ticket holder Peter Allen landed 14 fish on small Diawl Bachs fished at the Old Pipe in Biggin Bay. Fellow season ticket holder Colin Granger landed 10 fish from the bank also on the Old Pipe fishing size 12 Black Diawl Bachs. However, on the bank Colin Granger took top honours landing 20 fish in Biggin Bay on Diawl Bachs and mini booby damsel. Colins, catch also landed some cracking fish up to 4lbs. On the boat Andy Birkett fished his second day on his 3 day break landing a dozen fish near X Buoy using small dries. Bob Taft landed 22 fish in Biggin Bay using a white lure to great effect. Guy Nicholson & Si Nicols landed 28 fish in Biggin Bay using buzzers and FABs on a washing line including some cracking fish. Fishery Manager Tom Bird enjoyed a good day with Sam Smith landing a number of fish including some cracking overwintered fish. The pair used washing lining buzzers on a floating line over Musborough Shoal to see pictures of the day visit out www.facebook.com/flyfishstore

Another great day at Draycote, however, the slightly stronger winds meant the rod average was a little lower than the day before at 6.7. The bank anglers enjoyed great sport with the South West wind helping to present the buzzers swinging around on the wind. Gary Russell fished at the Old Pipe in Biggin Bay landing 15 fish including a 3lb overwintered Brown. He fished a washing line with a FAB on the point and buzzers on the droppers. Draycote season ticket holder John Falconbridge also fished in Biggin Bay to land 17 fish on buzzers. Mr D Jones opted to fish along the Cornfield using Damsels to land 7 fish. Out on the boats season ticket holder John Dicken using a washing line on a floating line in Biggin Bay to land 24 fish. Guy Nicholson & Si Nicols fished their second day of the 2 day break boating 28 fish using Damsels and buzzers from various points around the lake. Phil Harding and Tony Ball landed 23 to the boat with all the fish coming to Buzzers in Biggin Bay. Mick Cartlidge & C Woodhall landed 23 to the boat using a washing line with Buzzers and a FAB taking the fish from Biggin Bay and also along the Cornfield and into Toft.

A busy day at Draycote with all par one boat on the water and a number of anglers on the bank. There was very little to no wind for most of the day with a light ripple arriving later in the day, but even with the lack of wind the anglers enjoyed good sport landing 512 fish for a 8.3 rod average. On the bank season ticket holder Mike Garner landed 9 fish along the Cornfield on black Diawl Bachs and crunchers. On the boats Peter Elliot enjoyed a good days sport boating 30 fish on dries in the morning before washing lining buzzers in the afternoon. All Water member Lozenzo Serrano enjoyed a great day with 43 fish to the net just off Lincroft point using Diawl Bachs, Crunchers and Buzzers. Another boat catching well at Lincroft Point was Martin Foster & John Vyse who landed 31 fish to the boat on a washing line with black buzzers and crunchers. Ian Richardson & Bob Barfoot also used a washing line this time on a Midge Tip to land 35 fish and commented on a “brilliant” day. Also on the water we had West Midlands Police hosting a Inter-force friendly with the 13 anglers landing 158 fish for a 12.1 rod average, it nymphs there best catching flies.

A bright and sunny day here at Draycote on Friday with sporadic cloud cover through the afternoon. A light southerly breeze made for comfortable conditions throughout the day, in which anglers made some good returns. Some anglers did use sinking line tactics such as DI 5’s and snakes, but most stuck to floating or midge tip lines with teams of buzzers or diawl bachs. There was intermittent sport to be had on the dries when some cloud cover appeared, but patience was the key to success on that one. Bob Askew boated over 20 fish using a slow intermediate line with diawl bachs and crunchers. Bob caught his fish in the Cornfield and up around Y buoy. Gary and David Turner had some “Awesome fishing” on buzzers, netting 16 fish between them from the front of the School Slips. Season permit holder Brian Allwood was casting to some “Good rises” from the bank, netting 3 fish in total. Alan Masters and Edward Wilson had over 30 fish to the boat in Biggin Bay, Lincroft Point, The Cornfield and down in Toft Shallows. Alan and Edward used buzzers on a midge tip and a floating line and commented on “ A great days fishing”. Alex Campbell used the crippled midge to good effect netting 4 fish during an afternoon session. Alex fished P buoy, and then moved over to the front of the Hensborough Bank, drifting out past M buoy.

A beautiful sunrise over Draycote on Saturday morning lead through into a great day for fishing, although a little sunblock was required.  Despite the bright conditions, most of the fish are falling to small imitative patterns in the top few feet of the water column. The bank anglers are holding their own as well, as there seems to be a good head of fish feeding in close along the northern shore. Mr R Brook netted 8 fish from the bank in Biggin Bay using an orange and pink blob. Season permit holder Anthony Hart, also fishing in Biggin Bay, caught half a dozen using cats whiskers. Trevor Moore and James Maplethorpe used small buzzers on a washing line to net over 40 fish between them in various areas around the reservoir, remarking on a “super day”. Mr Nathan Brown caught 20 fish from a boat using buzzers and diawl bachs with a FAB on the point. Chris Discombe and Jim Brennan had 23 fish between them on small buzzers fished in Biggin Bay and off Lincroft point.

Yet another day of sunshine and light southerly breezes on Sunday, saw an improvement on what has already been a great week at Draycote Water. The fishing along the northern shore has been outstanding. Most of the fish caught have come to size 12 and 14 buzzers and diawl bachs, fished on a floater or a midge tip line. There have also been some great catches from the Tower Bank and the School Slips, with some anglers pulling lures on a fast intermediate or a DI 3. Season permit holder John Crowley netted 11 fish whilst bank fishing using a washing line and size 14 buzzers. Paul Walley caught 8 fish from the bank in Biggin Bay and Rainbow Corner on small black buzzers on a floating line. Young Richard Walker had 9 fish to the boat during a morning session on damsels fished on an intermediate line. Matt Crisp and Paul Newnam had nearly 60 fish to the boat between them straight lining buzzers and Diawl bachs in Biggin Bay, and remarked that it was “A brilliant day.” Debbie and Sean Gilbert said they had “A cracking day”  using a mixture of damsels, blobs and buzzers to net over 20 fish. Dan and John Mcelligott had 23 fish to the net using black diawl bachs fished on a floating line.


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Week Ending: Sunday 17th April       Rod Av: 11       Water Temperature: 12C

It was a steady start to week with 17 anglers taking to the water & producing a credible daily rod average of 3.4. Fish were caught from both the boat & bank with natural patterns proving to be the most productive. With the water temperature at 10 degrees & the water clarity good the fish are feeding well on the abundant aquatic life in the reservoir & anglers who are targeting these naturally feeding fish are being duly rewarded catching fish on Diawl Bachs, Hares Ears & Buzzers. The most productive method remains the washing line with a FAB on the point with Nymphs above it, targeting fish in the top 3ft. The whole of the Leicester bank remains a productive area with fish consistently being taken from Dogwood Bay, Sam’s Dyke, Mucky Bay all the way round to the Cowshed.

Tuesday brought overcast conditions with the occasional sunny intervals & a light wind from the Southwest, which made for ideal conditions for fishing the Leicester Bank. Fish were again found in high numbers all along this bank from Dogwood Bay all the way round to the Cowshed. Most of the fish are falling to natural patterns fished extremely slow or static on floating lines & washing lined Midge Tips from both the boats & bank. Fishery Guide Lee Henfrey & his boat partner Nigel Keeber had an excellent morning fishing nymphs in the relatively shallow water of Sam’s Dyke. Using a variety of methods to catch their fish they found that by simply moving into slightly deeper water during brighter spells they were able to continue to catch. It serves as a reminder to remain vigilante to the changing conditions & adapt accordingly. Enjoying a 3-day boat package, Mr Quigley & Mr McGuigan also found fish in high numbers on the opposite bank at the Willows to Watsons Cabin, again feeding on natural patterns in the top 3ft of water. As the warmer weather looks set to continue the fish will continue to feed hard on the abundant aquatic life that we have a Eyebrook which should see our excellent form continue.

The number of anglers coming through our doors has steadily increased in the past week or so. Therefore, we are getting a lot of reports coming back from all over the lake. Most of these reports are telling us that anglers are doing well on Buzzers, Muskins and Diawl Bach. Folk fishing washing line with a FAB on the point are experiencing lots of tugs on the line rather than it locking up. This is due to the fish just mouthing at the FAB. Try swapping it out for something more natural looking, a Stealth Bejeezus Booby can work treats at this time of year due to damsel nymphs starting to make a move in the water as it starts to warm. D Quigley and J McGuiggan finished up their 3-day visit with an impressive haul to the boat and managing to get in to treble figures between them over the 3 days. Well done gents. Some of our regular season ticket anglers were getting in to good numbers of fish. Yet again, it shows that having an intricate knowledge of the water can pay off well. The banks are still churning out good numbers of fish as well. Regular bank angler Roger Charles has over a dozen from the bank in a morning session. The bank anglers are fishing a similar way to the boat anglers but possibly with shortened down leaders. 9’ – 12’ is more than enough to fish 2 – 3 flies on a floating line or midge tip from the bank. As the weed still hasn’t started creeping in, it has been offering our bank anglers freedom to roam and fish quite happily.

Thursday showed more settled conditions with light wind. The boats have been widely spread across the lake with a few of them concentrating on searching around the Island area. Sam’s Dyke is still producing fish in high numbers and anglers are now reporting that the fish have been coming out of Mucky Bay in good numbers as well. Black Buzzers, Blobs, FAB’s, Damsels and Booby Damsel Patterns are accounting for the majority of the fish. A few trout anglers have been caught off guard by some of the pike in the lake, as Jim Carrier had a pike while fishing from the bank that weighed in over 8lbs. For those chasing trout, the main methods are the bung with buzzers spaced at 2 ½ feet, 5 feet & 7 ½ feet, or fishing buzzers / Muskins / Hare’s ear on a washing line with a sunburst FAB on the point. Today was the first day of a 3-day package for 6 lads from the Paisley patterns team. As per usual, their catch return was impressive, but what these guys don’t know about fly fishing, isn’t worth knowing. Top Angling gents!

Friday 5-7mph wind from the SSE and very changeable during the day. A lot of anglers have noticed a change in how they are having to fish to catch fishes. In the cooler mornings, the fish seem to be having a go at blobs, FAB’s Booby Damsel patterns, as soon as it starts to warm up, they start hitting the buzzers. Washing line works well, but the bung still seems to be out fishing other methods.  All water ticket holder J. Scott had his PB Pike at 20lbs 8oz on Hot Head Damsel pattern. Steelie from the Paisley patterns team landed a Pike estimated to be 25lbs+. He caught it while fishing an egg fly under the bung. This caused quite a bit of confusion as well as surprise. Chris Moses and Bill Field also reported catching large Pike while out fishing for trout. There is always the risk of running in to one of our big toothy residents while fishing lure type patterns at this time of year as the pike will have recently spawned and will be trying to feed well to recover. Please treat the pike with care. They keep our fish stocks healthy and are a great indicator of how healthy a body of water is.

Saturday brought a 7-9 mph SSE breeze with bright conditions. The bright weather did not seem to detract from the fishing with plenty of high numbers of catch returns being recorded from both the bank & boats resulting in a daily rod average of an impressive 14.7. Fish continued to be caught on a variety of methods with the percentage methods still being the bung or washing lined & straight-lined buzzers or nymphs. Visiting angler Robert Lamb led the annual party of 6 anglers on a 3-day package who all enjoyed some exceptional sport over the 3 days. Between the 6 of them they caught over 500 fish over the 3 days which is an excellent effort by all & testament to just how well the reservoir is fishing. If you are interested in booking one of our multi-day packages which offer excellent value for money, please use the following link:http://www.flyfisheyebrook.co.uk/about-us-2/short-break-packages/ . The most productive areas remain to be the Leicester Bank from the lodge all the way around to the Cowshed & on the opposite bank from the Willows to Stoke Dry.

There was a bright start to Sunday with a very light SSE breeze which stiffened as the day went on. Fishery Guide Lee Henfry & Eyebrook Fishery Manager Jim Wright ventured out on a short morning session & were duly rewarded by catching a high number of fish off The Island. They caught on a variety of methods targeting fish in the top 2 feet. The percentage method was the washing line with either using a FAB or a Foam Daddy on the point with small nymphs up the cast. In addition, Fishery Ranger Jason Pusey took his father out for a short session & they enjoyed a very productive morning, taking most of their fish on a size 12 Quill Buzzer with white cheeks. All water member Ed Douglas had an exceptional day catching a large number of fish from the Sam’s Dyke area. Ed caught primarily on Buzzers throughout the day, but he also caught well on the Dries later in the evening. As the settled weather looks set to continue for the week ahead, the prospect for top of water fishing will increase as the fish seem happy to move up & down the water column in their search for food.



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Week Ending:  17th April       Rod Av:3.3    Water Temperature: 11c -12c

Surprisingly strong South Easterly wind on Monday, nothing like the forecast. Most anglers came off early with Steve Windram & P Cross finding a bit of shelter in the Markfield arm catching 11 trout on booby.

Better weather for Tuesday with our water temperature getting to 10c. Buzzer and diawl patterns worked best with the trout in the top few feet of the water. Andrew Wilson caught 8 on buzzer with L Serrano catching his 6 fish during the afternoon session also on the buzzer. With the wind falling away at 6pm it was good to see fish feeding off the surface.

Wednesday buzzer, red diawl and damsel patterns worked best with Mark Hunt fishing the late afternoon session with a single bobs bits dry to catch his 6 trout. Jamie Scott fished buzzers to catch his 8 trout with P Hunt fishing a diawl to catch his 5 trout. Anglers reported seeing increasing number trout feeding on the surface but were reluctant to take or came short, on and off.

Thursday and surprisingly challenging day, some fish moved off and on during the day with a reasonable number fish moving during the last few hours. David Woodall caught 5 by going deeper during the morning but changing to buzzer and diawls later in the day. Peter Wrigley caught his 4 on buzzers with David Hussey fishing the evening rise landing 3 on buzzer and diawl

Friday and a better days fishing with Chris Sayer catching 10 & Richard Price catching 12 for their mornings fishing with both anglers fishing fast sink lines, Chris with a booby whilst Richard fished a Tequila fab on a short 3ft leader. Adam Gunby found a few fish moving & fished a washing line with buzzers to take his 14 trout to 4lb8oz. Neil Bates fished the afternoon / evening session and despite fish moving found a sinking line with a cats whisker booby worked for him as he caught 5 trout. With our water temperature starting to push 11c we are seeing an improving evening rise to buzzer

Saturday, we opened to a water temperature 11c at long last were getting close to where the water temperature should be for the time of year. During the morning session some anglers found the sinking line with a damsel booby, cats whisker booby or tequila fab worked best. The fishing got better as the day progressed with the afternoon and evening providing the best of the sport. B Perrie fished olive buzzers to catch his 20+ trout, Mark Hunt fished dries all day catching 20+ for his visit with D Perkins catching 13 for his visit. Water clarity is excellent.

Easter Sunday was a quieter day as people spent time with their families. Mixed days fishing, R Knapp fished a tequila blob and fab to catch his 8 fish from the Markfield arm, Bob Jones fished a cats booby in the morning with diawls later in the day to catch his 7 trout with All water member D Skudder catching 7 for his mornings visit with them all taking an olive diawl.