Draycote Report W/E 20th September 2020

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Draycote Weekly Fishing Report.

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Fishery Report: Week ending Sunday 20th September 2020

Overall a challenging week with the sun conditions and cool North and North East winds having a negative impact to the fishing. However, we did see marked improvements for both the bank and boat anglers, which looks positive for the coming week with a further stocking going in as well. Overall a total of 283 anglers visited the fishery landing a total of 575 fish giving a rod average of 2.0.

A far from ideal start to the week with flat calm, cloudless start with the temperature hitting 24 degrees. However, this being said the few anglers who did visit the water produced a rod average of 4. With such adverse conditions most of the fish came from the Aerators and fishing deep was the order of the day. Fishery Ranger Lee Henfrey used an Airflo Booby Basher and a tube to land 10 fish leaving the line to sink for 50 seconds before retrieving. As the weather cools and the fish turn onto the fry and drop deeper in the water column why not book Lee for a guiding session to get the most out of this bountiful time? For bookings call Tom on 01788 812018. Seeing what Lee was doing Don Coe and boat partner Alistair Baker landed 14 fish to the boat including a cracking 5lb rainbow with their best fly being a brown minkie booby. With again the key to the success was the long countdown before starting to retrieve the fly Don was leaving it around 1 minute and half. Fishing along the Aerators but this time sticking to dries was Gordon Byers and Tim Groves who used Big Reds and Orange Daddies to take 10 fish to the boat.

Tuesday was very bright and sunny with only the slightest breeze. Ian Reeve and his boat partner managed 14 fish to the boat on Daddies on a floater, before going deep on sinking lines and snakes. Kevin Rees caught 7 fish on dries such as Crippled Midge. Lee Patten and Peter Elliott had a bakers dozen to the boats on a mixture of nymphs and dries.

Wednesday saw the wind swing round into the north east and proved a challenging day for the anglers. Tony Parker had 5 fish to the boat using dries and nymphs, one of which was over 5lbs. Alex Campbell reported lots of surface movement and some interest in his flies, but it wasn’t until he started fishing buzzers on a long leader down deep, that he started catching. Alex returned 4 fish for the day from long drifts around P buoy and along the Farborough dam.

A bright and sunny day on Thursday with a north easterly breeze on the water. Yesterday proved quite tough out on the water, but Thursday was much improved with the rod average rising to 4.4. It turned out to be a day of many methods, with fish coming to deep sinking lines, washing lines with a Sparkler booby on the point and also dries. Young Mike Garner caught 3 fish from the bank using Red Diawl Bachs in Bigging Bay and Toft Shallows. Mr Gordon Bramwell and Mr K Cooke used a Fast Glass Line in Toft to boat 25 fish between them. Draycote regulars Eddie Mitchell and Dave Kennell had 17 fish to the boat using a 12 foot slow tip, Diawl Bachs and Boobies. Highlighted of the day Mick Nicholls 7lb4oz rainbow taken on a sinking line and lure photo www.facebook.com/FlyFishStore

A difficult day Friday with a bright sunny conditions with the winds in the East, this resulted in a poor rod average of 1.48, with no one really cracking the method to catch. Tony Broadway & Gordon Slack landed 6 fish between them on Minkies on intermediate lines. Colin Jones with boat partner Nick White landed 7 fish between them using mini lures on sinking lines around Farborough spit and into Biggin Bay. Don Coe and A Baker used Crunchers to take 5 fish between them fishing around the Aerators. Steve Styles landed 4 fish with 3 coming to snakes and 1 to a Bob’s Bits.

Another day of difficult conditions Saturday with bright conditions from around 10am with the wind once again on the North East. Fishing proved difficult for some but more productive for others. It seems that the Swans Nest in Toft was the place to be, using a 12 foot slow tip with a Sparkler Booby on the point and 2 Nemo Crunchers. This area and method put at least a couple of boats well into double figures. Season permit holder Mike Garner fished from the bank by the Swans Nest to net 6 fish on Nemo Crunchers and Diawl Bachs. Mike Laycock and Frank Sumnall fished a DI7 with a Sparkler Booby on the point and a FAB on the top dropper in various places around the reservoir to boat nearly 30 fish between them. Mike said that the fish were holding between the surface and 6 feet down.
A warm day Sunday with sun for the majority with the wind staying in the North which did at time get up and help to take the edge of the hot sun. Peter Mercer & P Pendlebury landed 30 fish between them using a 12ft slow tip with a FAB on the point and crunchers on the droppers. The pair found the majority of the fish at the end of the Farnborough Dam wall just as it joins to the Swan’s Nest. Fishing in the same area Mr C Adams & J Maxwell boated 17 fish between them also using a washing line on with a sparkler booby on the point. All water season ticket holder Paul Walker enjoyed a good days sport from the bank landing 9 fish from the Swans Nest and also the Cornfield on Diawl Bachs and pheasant tail nymphs.

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Fur & Feather- Sunday 29th November 2020.

We are please to announce we have the date for a popular Fur & Feather competition on Sunday 29th November. As always there will be some fantastic Christmas Hamper prizes up for grabs for the 1st prize and bottles of wine and spirit for 2nd 3rd and the biggest fish.

Fish with your partner to fishery rules 12 fish limit to the boat no time bonus heaviest weight wins. To book your place please phone the lodge on 01788 812018.


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