Draycote Report W/E 6th September 2020

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Draycote Weekly Fishing Report.

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Fishery Report: Week ending Sunday 6th September 2020

Overall quite a busy week at the fishery with 296 anglers visiting the fishery landing a total of 887 fish for a rod average of 3 . With the majority of the fish getting caught quite high in the water column with the top 3 feet producing good numbers. Although we are seeing a number of fish getting caught on fry patterns with anglers reporting fish being caught coughing up perch into the net.

Monday was flat calm with overcast conditions for most of the day. Fish could be seen topping in quite a few areas of the reservoir from very early on. James Kelly fished from the bank during the morning and landed 2 fish on Diawl Bachs. Mr V King had 6 fish to the boat on Dries, Buzzers and Snakes. Season permit holder John Dickens caught 6 fish on Dries throughout the day. Andy Lilley also used Dries to good effect as well as Hares Ears, netting 5 fish from the boat. Mr M Jones’s group fished out the final day of their 3 day package to boat a total of 38 fish between, them using Dries and a washing line with Diawl Bachs.

Another flat calm day here at Draycote with high cloud cover and not much chance of a breeze. Fishing was tough but Brian Allwood managed to winkle 4 out from the bank along Biggin and Dunns bay. Brian used a Minkie and fished around the weed beds where he could see fish moving. Draycote regular Mick Cronin caught 4 fish from the bank along the north shore using various fry patterns. Tony Broadway and Gordon Slack took to a boat and managed 9 between them using Minkies and Boobies on a washing line. Season permit holder Kevin Rees caught 6 fish on various dry flies such as Crippled Midge. Mr Keith Coley and Mr B Taft had 7 fish to the boat on Muddlers on a floating line. Matt Osbourne caught 3 fish during an evening session on Sparkler Boobies. Mr D Newnam and his boat partner netted 9 fish from a boat, all on dries.

A changeable day on Wednesday with a bright start with near flat calm conditions, which by lunch time had clouded over with rain and quite gusty south west winds. Which dropped the air temperature by nearly 10 degrees, On the bank Bob Smith landed 5 fish from the Tower Bank and also Dunn’s Bay on a mix of shrimps and boobies with Sparkler and also Minkie Boobies proving to be the best on the day. Geoff Preston fished a morning session to land 4 fish out from the Sailing Club using a fast sinking line and a white and silver lure. Peter Elliot fished from Rainbow Corner to A buoy and off the Draycote Dam towards B to land 7 fish on a sparkler booby. Another angler who found Sparkler boobies the key to success was Mike Boswell who landed 9 fish using a washing line with a Sparkler Booby on the point and Muskins on the droppers.

A rainy start to Thursday, before the sun came out around 3pm with the winds staying in the South West. Matt and Nathan Currell had one each from the bank using Cats Whiskers and Black and Gold Humungus.
Both Alex Urquhart and Kevin Rees had 5 fish each on a variety of patterns such as Crippled Midge. Mr J Juckes had 4 fish to the boat on Claret and Red Diawl Bachs on the top. Dave Kennel caught 8 fish on a washing line using a Sparkler Booby on the point and Muskins on the droppers.

Friday started with a very cool westerly breeze and quite dark clouds overhead. Young Tony Broadway had a good day with 4 fish from the bank on Floating Fry patterns and Daddies, as did Stephen Dewhurst. Richard Pelly and his boat partner Mr T Sykes fished Floating Fry patterns to great effect around the Valve Tower, netting 8 good fish on floating lines. Chris Pallot and Paul Southgate had 5 fish to the boat using Sparkler Boobies drifting around the valve tower. Draycote regular Ed Douglas took 11 fish on dries. Mr R Thompson caught 6 fish from the boat on Boobies and Diawl Bachs. Graham Homer had 8 fish to the boat using fry patterns and dries. Mr G England and Mr S Hill had 22 fish to the boat using White Snakes drifting around A Buoy up in Raibow Corner.

Saturday was bright and cool to start with but clouded over about 10 o’clock with a steady westerly breeze.
Ian Reeve and his boat partner Steve Hubbard caught8 good fish from the boat using Floating Fry patterns on a floating line. Ian said that they found the best method was to draw the flies back quickly through the wave. Nick Lane and Dave Summers had a baker’s dozen to the boat on dries. All water season permit holders Phil Mee and Andy Lilley caught 7 fish on fry patterns around the Tower and D buoy. The boat pairing of Tony Broadway and Steve Ottley caught 6 fish on a mixture of fry patterns and dries.

Sunday was bright, calm, and cool to start with and warmed up as the day went on. On the bank Mr R Parris landed 3 fish on dries from Dunn’s Bay. Draycote season ticket holder Paul Walley also fished from the bank landing 2 fish but loading a number of others that manged to make for the weed bed. John Woodcock also landed 3 cracking fish all on some home tied specials. On the boats P Bridge enjoyed a great day landing 17 fish on dries. With Daddy longlegs taking the majority of the fish with Royal Wolf dry flies also taking 8. Jim Smith & Ed Douglas enjoyed a good day boating 20 fish between them with dries being the order of the day around lunch, before using snakes and tubes to take the other fish in the afternoon. The pair found the fish around Middle shoal drifting around P & X Buoy. Andy Taylor & Steve Smalley landed 30 fish to the boat using a mix of nymphs and boobies fished on a washing line.

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