Draycote Water Fishing Report w/e Sunday 26th July 2020

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Draycote Weekly Fishing Report.


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Fishery Report: Week ending Sunday 26th July


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The bright weather continued to start the week, however, some cloud did arrive to give a mix of bright and cloud for the afternoon. Fishing off the bank Draycote season ticket holder Ian Richardson enjoyed a good day’s sport using dries. Landing 8 fish from Biggin Bay just up from the old pipe, Ian opted for a Big Red and a Snail pattern on the dropper taking an equal mix on both. Fishing along the Cornfield, Mike Garner landed 4 fish from the bank on crunchers and a cormorant using a floating line. Out on the boats Mr D Cornforth & Mr G Cornforth landed 16 between them using a mix of snakes on sinking lines and pheasant tailed nymphs on floaters. The pair found the fish in the Aerators and also drifting around the Value tower and commented on the hard fighting qualities of the fish. Draycote season ticket holder Kevin Rees persisted with the dries even in the bright conditions to land 12 on crippled midge and Bob’s Bits.


The weather Tuesday started with bright flat conditions, that then later improved for the anglers with some cloud building later in the day and a light ripple. Draycote season ticket holder Brian Allwood landed 6 fish from the bank and was also broken twice. On the boat’s brothers Mr T Evans & Mr J Evans landed 19 fish between them fishing in Rainbow Corner using Diawl Bach’s with a small Damsel pattern on the point. All water season ticket holder Keith Coley fished with Bob Taft landing 11 fish on muddlers pulled through the surface. Chris Pyke started the first of his 3 day break in fine form taking 12 fish, Chris found a lot of fish out over the open water around P & Y Buoy. Chris mentioned how as you headed back up wind to start a drift you could see the fish moving and then. The key to catching was to make sure you covered the fish with the flies and pulled them away using a mix of FABS and Blobs.


Sunny with cloudy intervals was the weather greeting the anglers, the fish still remained high in the water. On the bank Terry Tappingden landed 6 fish all falling to Bob’s Bits, with Terry finding the fish in Biggin Bay and also off the overflow. Fishing from the boats Draycote season ticket holder Tony Parker fishing with Andy Axon landed 26 between them. The pair used dries all day in Rainbow corner to take the fish using a mix of various dries. Mr B Joseph fished from the bank for half a day up till 12pm and landed 6 fish, Mr Joseph commented the sport had been best in the morning before the sun broke through taking 5 of his fish early. Mr Joseph found the fish very tight in along Lincroft point using a team of crunchers to catching the fish just feet from the bank with the flies parallel to the bank. Fishing for a half day session from the boat Chris Flay landed 7 fish including a cracking brown of 7lb. Chris, fished using a floating line and a damsel pattern drifting from S buoy just off Lincroft shoal towards Farnborough spit.


Great conditions Thursday with cloud all day, with winds of 14mph coming from the South West. As a result of the good conditions the fish responded well with 52 anglers catching 303 fish for a rod average of 5.8. On the bank Beginner season ticket holder Antony Hart landed 4 fish using a washing line set up in Rainbow Corner. Out on the boats Chris Pyke used a midge tip line with a washing line set up to take 11 fish. With all of Chris’s fish coming from the open water around P, X and Y buoy on a mix of the FABS and nymphs. Draycote season ticket holder Gordon Bramwell fishing with Mr K Cooke landed 19 fish from around B buoy using a washing line on a floater. Kevin Rees fished dries all day landing 15 fish, using crippled midge. Kevin found the fish drifting from the sailing club toward the spit, then later in the day around P buoy. Paul Mitchell fished around the top dam wall with dries and also pulling FABs on an intermediate to land his fish. Derek Moore and Felicity Appleton enjoyed a great days sport landing 29 fish between them all on Midas fishing from Rainbow Corner towards A buoy.


Another cloudy start on Friday, although the sun did break through around lunch. Draycote season ticket holder Pete Allen fished off the bank landing 5 fish. Pete took 2 from Biggin Bay, before taking his other 3 at the overflow. Pete commented that the fish where at maximum range at the outlet. With the fish taking crunchers and a small black booby on a floater. Tony Broadway also had 5 from the bank all on Bob’s Bit dry flies. Out on the boats dries still seemed to be the best method, Tony Parker fishing with Tez Livin used dries drifting from Rainbow Corner to A Buoy and also around the Inlet to boat 19 fish. All water season ticket holder Ed Douglas also fished dries to land 13 fish. Ed found the fish around J Buoy in the morning before heading to the top dam well using a mix of Bob’s Bits and crippled midge. Stephen Peart fished with Steve Smalley with the pair landing over 30 fish on a mix of dries and also pulling blobs. The pair concentrated on the wind lanes and also fishing off the Draycote Dam going toward B Buoy.


Saturday was again overcast and warm with light breezes, and had the odd shower thrown in for good measure. In preparation for the Scierra Pairs match tomorrow, some anglers were playing their cards very close to their chest with areas and methods used, and who could blame them. Others such as Tony Baldwin note 10 fish on dries. Keith Allison caught 3 fish using Diawl Bachs, FAB’s and Big Reds. Mr R Wheeldon and his boat partner had 6 fish to the boat using dries such as Big Reds and Culs. Most of the fishing is to be had up on the Draycote dam and in Rainbow Corner, and generally in the top couple of feet of the water. With the surface temperature still down in the teens and lots of overcast days, the fishing is pretty good for this time of year. Dries or a washing line with a sparkler booby on the point and Diawl Bachs are working really well. Pulling lures such as snakes is also producing good returns, as long as nothing more than an Intermediate or a DI3 is used.


Sunday was again an overcast day with at times a strong breeze blowing through Draycote. The bank fished reasonably well for the time of year, with Mr H Lambert catching a brace on Orange Foam Daddies up in Rainbow corner. Mr S Featherstone also caught from the bank In Rainbow corner, netting 3 fish on Buzzers, whilst Mr Keith Jones had 4.


The Draycote heat of the Scierra Pairs match got under way with all competitors in fine fettle as they arrived in the morning. Once the briefing was done they headed out at 10 am in what can only be described as good fishing conditions which stood throughout the day. It wasn’t the easiest of days out on the water and some boats were seen moving constantly from place to place. With 12 fish needed for the competition only 4 of the boats bagged up with a further 2 getting in to double figures. The heat was won by the boat pairing of Rob Middleton and Steve Cullen, who bagged up pulling off Croft Shoal, which it was noted during the week was holding a good head of fish right through towards G buoy. Our congratulations to all those competitors who took part.



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