Draycote Report W/E 5th July 2020

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Draycote Weekly Fishing Report.


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Fishery Report: Week ending Sunday 5th July 2020


A very windy week on the whole made the fishing challenging for the most part with presentation proving difficult. However the anglers who visited the fishery landed an impressive 1,064 trout between the 290 rods who visited the fishery providing a rod average for the week of 3.6.


The strong winds that had been present over the precious weekend continued into Monday. The gusty conditions made it difficult to present flies properly. In fact the wind was such, that a restriction had to be put in place keeping Toft out of bounds. On the bank fishing from Rainbow Corner Draycote season ticket holder Brian Warwick landed 5 fish fishing till lunch, all coming to blobs. Out on the boat Tony Broadway and Dave East used the wind to their advantage by back drifting from the top dam wall. The pair used minkie boobies to land 13 fish between them. Drifting from Rainbow Corner down the Saddle Bank and across the front of the outlet, Andy Lane landed 14 fish. With the fish taking crunchers and Diawl Bach’s for Andy. Mr M Francis & A Moore found long drift from the Inlet and Rainbow Corner out over the open water produced the goods for their boat. Landing 11 fish between them on hopper and crunchers fished on floating lines.


Thankfully Tuesday saw the winds drop to a much more pleasant 14mph dropping to 8 mph on the afternoon. Fishing from the bank Pete Allen landed a dozen fish on nymphs including a couple of real crackers over 3lb. Also on the bank was the two brothers Luke and David Orton who landed 9 and 3 each, they used black buzzers in Rainbow corner to land their fish. On the boats Fishery Ranger Lee Henfrey fished in a boat with Ed Douglas. The pair found the fish drifting from A-M buoy out of Rainbow Corner, using a RIO midge tip with a Ham & Cheese booby on the point and then hoppers on the droppers. The pair landed over 15 fish in the morning before Lee left and Ed returned out on his own. Ed headed down to Toft in the afternoon and found feeding fish all over, taking over 20 fish all on dries in the afternoon. Draycote season ticket holder Tony Parker landed over 20 fish drifting around the Draycote Dam, Tony found short lining nymphs and hoppers to keep them high in the water was the best tactic. Bank regular Stan Hillman fished from Rainbow and all over the lake taking 7 quality fish commenting one was near a double. Kevin Rees used dries all day to take 25 fish using crippled midge and also bobs bits, Kev found the first early doors by J buoy before moving to the flat stones and around B Buoy. Fishing the afternoon Dave Hoppe & Peter Elliot enjoyed some fantastic dry fly sport from Rainbow Corner and also Toft. With Dave commenting “Toft is stuffed with fish” in the afternoon the pair landed over 40 fish all on dries.


Wednesday was mostly overcast with the odd shower and a light breeze. Again there was a lot of good sport to be had from the top of the water. Mr L Pallett fishing with Gary Haskins netted 2 dozen fish from a drifting boat using dries in Toft. With all the fish they took coming blind for the dries, which shows the merit in fishing the dries when the conditions look good for them despite not necessarily seeing fish moving.  Ed Douglas took to the water once again to catch over 20 fish on dries from various areas around the reservoir. Malcolm Patrick and Ian McKenzie also netted over 20 fish from a boat using dries. Ian Reeve used Buzzers under the bung to good effect , catching 11 fish in Rainbow Corner and Toft Shallows.


A good westerly breeze greeted us on Thursday morning, which eased off by midday and swung round into the north. After an early afternoon shower the conditions looked ideal for some great top of the water sport, with some good fish moving off T and G buoy and chasing pin fry just in front of the pontoon. Season permit holder Brian Allwood caught 5 fish from the bank and remarked on some “good sport”, whilst Derek Brooks caught 4. Mr T and Mr J Evans had a dozen fish between them to the boat on buzzers in Rainbow Corner.  Kevin Rees had 8 fish to the boat on dries and the washing line. Gary and David Turner had a bakers dozen to the boat during a last 4 hour session, all on dries. Draycote season ticket holder Jim Smith went out on a pm boat and caught more than 20 fish on dries from various points around the reservoir.


A strong stiff westerly blew through on Friday and made for uncomfortable conditions at the bottom of the wind in Toft. James Maplethorpe’s group landed a dozen between them from the boats on Crunchers and Buzzers fished in the top few feet of the water. Keiron Barnes took his 7 year old son Harry out fishing for the day. Harry caught his first ever, trout on a Big Red dry fly, and a big “WELL DONE” from all of the staff. Peter Elliott and Lee Patten managed 13 fish between them on dries from various points around the reservoir.


Yet another day of strong winds here at Draycote, which make presentation challenging at times with strong gusts. On the bank Jim Hall enjoyed a good day landing 10 fish from the bank using crunchers fished on a floating line and also dries. Out on the boat Jim Dempsey and Ifor Jones fished on the rudder to boat 13 fish between them. The pair found their fish drifting from Rainbow Corner to M buoy and then later in the day around J buoy to the Farnborough Dam. Draycote season ticket holders Jim Brennan & Chris Discombe enjoyed a good day’s sport in Rainbow Corner and also over the Aerators landing 23 between them. Eugene Hughes fishing up in Rainbow Corner fished dries all day despite the wind to land 8 fish.


The wind didn’t let up for Sunday, anything from the righthand side of Lincroft point was out of bounds for the boats. This meant the furthest any of the boats ventured was down into Biggin Bay with the majority taking shelter in Rainbow Corner and along the top dam wall. Kirby Fly Fishery enjoyed a club day out on the water with Jim the club organiser commenting it had been a great day. The top rods from the day found back drifting around from E buoy to Lincroft point the most successful method. With Luke Parker landing 9 hard fighting trout. Ian Dalby & M Bennett landed 12 fish between them in Rainbow Corner but did comment that the “wind had made it a challenging day”


With the wind set to drop for Tuesday we are expecting the challenging fishing the anglers have experienced over the last few days should improve and we see more catches once again on top of the water tactics such as dries and washing line.



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