Draycote Report W/E 28th June 2020

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Draycote Weekly Fishing Report.


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Fishery Report: Week ending Sunday 28th June


Well its been a week of two halves here at Draycote, blistering heat for the first part of the week which then gave way to rain and then strong winds for the weekend. As a result the fish have seen a lot of changeable conditions and on the whole seem to have dealt with it well. With the 270 rod who visited the fishery landing a total of 1,235 fish producing a rod average for the week of 4.6 fish.


A south west wind and sun greeted the anglers at the start of the week. On the bank Draycote season ticket holder Ian Richardson landed 5 fish from the overflow on crunchers, and commented they are on the lovely fish. Brian Warwick fished in Rainbow and commented there was fish moving all morning and he caught his fish on crunchers. The best catch from the bank was Derek Brooks who landed 11 fish from Rainbow Corner again on nymphs. On the boats all water season ticket holder Norman Perkins landed 14 fish from in front of the overflow on Diawl Bach, Buzzers & Fabs fished on an intermediate line. Draycote season ticket holder Graham Homer fished in a boat with Roy Taylor with the pair enjoying a great day landing, 29 fish. The pair caught on nymphs in the morning in Rainbow Corner before they switched to sunk hoppers on an intermediate. Chris Discombe & Jim Brennan also fished in Rainbow Corner in the morning on buzzers before heading the Aerators in the afternoon with snakes and ended the day with 26 to the boat. Former Draycote manager Kevin enjoyed a good day in the boat with Ed Douglas with the pair landing 40 fish between them. They used the fulling mill barred olive snake using a Di 5 forty plus line, catch the fish from Rainbow Corner & Hensborough Bank drifting towards the open water.


A warm day Tuesday, but thankfully we have a good wind from the South West which meant that inevitable algal bloom was all blown into Toft meaning that most of the lake remained clear. A tricky day for the bank anglers with the hot conditions and bright sun pushing the fish out from the margins. However, Draycote season ticket holder Pete Allen landed 2 fish both over 5lb from the overflow on nymphs and also got broken by an even larger one. All water season ticket holder Paul Walker found success fishing just near the outlet from the Treatment works using small pin fry patterns on a midge tip line to net 5 fish. On the boat’s beginner season ticket holder John Piper enjoyed his best ever day, after taking up the sport late last season. John landed 8 fish on olive barred snakes and was rightly over the moon. Draycote season ticket holder Tony Parker enjoyed a great morning session drifting along the Draycote Dam near the concrete diving platforms to land 23 fish. Tony fished a washing line on a 12ft midge tip with Diawl Bach’s and Crunchers being his top patterns. Other good catches came from Rainbow Corner with nymphs, snakes and later dries producing the fish. Dave Bailey landed 12 fish on a mix of snakes and Diawl Bach’s. Into the evening Chris Flay & Peter Flay found tremendous sport in Rainbow Corner fishing an afternoon boat. The pair fished Damsel patterns on floating & intermediate line to land 21 between them including some near 4lb fin perfect rainbows.


The sun once again was out in force Wednesday, with the wind swinging slightly into a South Easterly during the day. Draycote is still fishing really well despite the current conditions, with a good spread of fish in several areas around the reservoir. Despite a bit of an algae bloom water clarity is still good in most places, with some fish showing in the surface of the water throughout the day. Obviously the bank fishing has slowed up a bit which is to be expected, but out on the boats anglers are still getting into double figures. Mr F Campbell caught 21 fish using Snakes on a sinking line in the aerators. Peter and Chris Flay  took to the boats once again and had a bakers dozen in Rainbow Corner using Snakes. Alex Campbell had two of his six fish bag in Toft Shallows on a 12 foot slow tip and Diawl Bachs. The others came from Croft Shoal and the front of the School Slips on the same method.


Thursday was a very hot day with only the lightest of breezes. Plenty of sun block and a big hat was the order of the day. Those that did venture out were mainly the boat anglers who found fish in in Toft Shallows, Rainbow Corner and over the Aerators. Draycote regular James Maplethorpes group caught a good number of fish between them on Nemo Crunchers down deep. Richard Hood and Martin Griffiths had over 20 fish to the boat between them on slow and fast tip lines and nymphs in Toft Shallows. Season permit holder Paul Havard used a DI 5 and Olive Snakes to good effect around Y buoy.


Thankfully, Friday was the last day of the hot weather as the mercury rose to over 30 degrees for the second day in a row. As a result 3 days of hot weather did have an affect on the fishing with the fishing not quite being as good as the previous day. Season ticket holders Peter Elliot & Lee Pattern used boobies on sinking lines to land 15 fish. All water season ticker holder Jamie Scott landed 10 fish on a mix of tactics from a pink booby on a Di 7 through to Hares Ear nymphs and then later in the day dries. Finding the boils to be the most productive area. In the evening Draycote Fly Fishers held another evening bank match, once again fished to the Angling Trust guidelines for matches. The anglers found it quite a frustrating evening as they could see lots of fish moving in Rainbow Corner hitting pin fry, this proved difficult to get the right tactics but after a while success was found with Bob’s Bit’s and Popper Hoppers. Draycote season ticket holder Brian Allwood won the match with 3 fish from the overflow and lost another 3 and commented on the “good sport”. Tied in second place was Dave Atkins, Howard Lambert & Mark JJ with 2 fish again all over 2lb. Mark commented it was a great evening and lovely to see so many members out enjoying their fishing.


The wind started from the south on Saturday before swinging to the south west and increasing in strength. The rudder boat of Jim Dempsey & Ifor Jones landed 19 between then using snakes on DI 3 & Di 5 sinking line. The pair found the fish around J buoy and coming off the Hensborough Bank towards M buoy. All water season ticket holder Andy Lillie enjoyed a great mornings sport landing 8 fish none of which were under 3lb. Fishing in Rainbow Corner Andy found the fish wanted JC Diawl Bach’s fished under a bung at either 2ft or 6ft. Draycote season ticket holder Tony Parker also fished for half a day using dries to land 7 fish drifting out from the Draycote Dam. Mr I Tearle landed 11 fish anchored between Rainbow Corner and the Inlet using red Diawl Bach’s to great effect on a floating line. Fishing on the bank Mr Zanarov landed 6 fish on snakes on a last 4 hours session. Draycote member Martyn Hancox landed 5 fish on an evening ticket from the boat, taking the fish on nymphs fished on a floating line.


Very windy day Sunday again coming from Rainbow Corner, this did make presentation difficult. Regular George Leaton enjoyed a great day using a long midge tip with a FAB on the point and buzzers on the droppers, George landed 17 in a morning session. With 10 taking the FAB and the other 7 taking the buzzers. From the bank Mr Featherstone enjoyed a good day in Rainbow Corner lading 10 fish on an orange blob. All water season ticket holder Adam Gumby & Steve Jordan used the strong wind to their advantage to do some back drifting. Using Airflo Booby Basher lines and snakes the pair drifting out from Rainbow Corner and the top dam wall, finding some fantastic fish. Adam’s 4 fish bag weighted a very impressive 16lb 2oz while Steve’s tipped the scales at 10lb 6oz. The father and son due of Duncan and Richard Watson found a Di 5 sinking line with a pink blob and olive snake. Proved to be the winning tactic taking 20 fish between them. Fishing away from the top wall drifting from Dunn’s down through the old pipe in Biggin Bay. The partnership of Mr N Wagstaff & I Eborall landed 18 fish and 16 fish on a mix of various lures on sinking lines. Fishing for the afternoon Ed Douglas and Jim Smith fished dries under the top Dam Wall in the calmer water to land 10 between them.


With the weather forecast to be cooler this week and also lighter winds we expect the good fishing to continue into next week.



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