Draycote fishing report week ending 03/06/2012

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Draycote this week has produced some excellent fishing, on varied methods from blobs, buzzers and even dries ! With a list of names to big to mention, many anglers have recorded catches well into double figures. Clive Wilkins, A black, C Henderson, S clark, W Brown, G burnett and more all landed in excess of 16 fish. 30 fish over 5lb were recorded for the week, and Mr Greatbatch recorded the biggest fish of the week, a superb fish of 7lb 2oz. Four other fish over 6lb were also recorded.

The long awaited buzzer fishing, which Draycote is renowned for, started in earnest this week as fish began gorging themselves on small green buzzers. Mr Conway recorded 8 fish for 29lb, with many of them “Stuffed to the gills with small green buzzers!” He fished from an anchored boat in Toft Shallows.

The weather continues to be changeable, following last week’s heat wave, however the previous warm spell appears to have got things going. Blobs on a fast glass line and Di-3 line, have also shared the spoils, with one boat taking their 16 fish limit near the tower using Fab blobs on a fast glass. One angler recorded in an evening session (3rd June) 22 fish to the boat, using an orange blob, fishing in Rainbow Corner.

Four visiting anglers from Cornwall recorded over 74 fish to the boat between them in one day. A good number of fish were taken on buzzers, and then when the evening came they switched to dry flies, and proceeded to catch over 20 fish.

The whole lake is producing fish, with the hot spots being Toft Shallows, Rainbow Corner and drifting from the middle of the lake towards the tower. Buzzers have been top of the menu, as small as size 14’s. Olive and black have been the best colours. Red and green holographic Diawl Bachs and the Traffic Light Diawl Bach have also taken a good number of fish. If you prefer sinking lines, or the weather dictates this method, then Fab tequila blobs, orange blobs, woofter boobies and cats whisker boobies have all worked well.

There are a few remaining places for the RIO CHALLENGE boat pairs match on SUNDAY 1ST JULY. The winners will win in excess of £1000 of Rio & Redington tackle and 2nd place will win in excess of £800 worth of Rio & Redington tackle. There will be prizes upto 10th place. To book one of the last remaining boats call the fishing lodge on 01788 812018. Entry fee is £23pp +normal fishing costs.

Fished to International rules, however you will fish with your chosen boat partner.

Number of fish caught 365 Number of fish released 942 Number of rods fished 252 Rod Av 5.18

Bank fishing commences at 7.30 and finishes at 10.oopm
Boat fishing commences at 8.30 and finished currently at 9.45pm

Collecting and unloading of kit is permitted between 7.00am and 10.00am and 5.30pm 10.00pm at the fishing pontoon. Further information please contact the lodge

Free car parking for all visiting anglers(limited to 30 cars on the bank, and 30 cars for boat anglers)
Bank anglers are permitted to drive around the lake, with the only restrictive bank fishing areas being the two big dams.

Tight Lines

Craig Barr

Draycote fishing report week ending 27/05/2012

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This week has been pretty hot to say the least – The recent cold water that has continually been pumped in has kept the water temperature down and the fishing has still remained good, although when the sun has been at its hottest during the day things have slowed down a touch.

The major clubs league match was held at Draycote this week with 5 teams of 6 competing. The total catch was 189 fish with a rod average of 6.3. Foremark fly fishers also had a match with their rod average being 3. Dixie Baxter took 8 fish for 26lb with the biggest weighing 5lb 11.

Fish have been caught on various methods and lines at the moment. John Kelly from Scotland landed 15 fish with the biggest weighing in at 7lb, whilst another party member also landed 15 trout with his biggest weighing 6lb. The majority of these fish were taken on black buzzers and Diawl Bachs. Mr A sandford and Mr G Wilson had a bonanza landing over 20 fish each, with Mr Wilson’s 4 fish weighing a nice 24lb !!

The fish have at times gone deep, mainly due to the sultry weather. The mornings have fished well, as have the evenings, with sinking lines doing best during the strong sun light hours between 12 and 3pm. Black and green lure continue to do well as do blobs and boobies, however black buzzers, Dialwl Bachs and crunchers have also taken there fair share of fish.

All areas of the 600 acre lake are now producing fish, with Rainbow Corner and Toft Shallows being the slightly better spots at the moment.

There are a few boats remaining for the Rio Pairs match on Sunday July the 1st. This match is fished to International rules however you are allowed to fish with your boat partner. Entry fee is £23 + your fishing fees. To book a place call the fishing lodge on 01788 812018. All welcome !

Number of fish killed 739 Number of fish released 613 Number of rods 285 Rod average 5.9

Cars are limited to 30 around the water, so if you are planning to bank fish please call the fishing lodge to reserve a bank pass.

Bank fishing commences at 7.30 and finishes at 10pm.
Boat fishing commences at 8.30 and finishes at 9.45pm

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Craig Barr

Draycote fishing report week ending 20/05/2012

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Draycote Water is now showing the form everyone has been craving for. The bigger fish from last year have hidden well since we opened, however they are now coming out almost daily. Every day this week fish over 5lb have been recorded, with the biggest a massive 9lb 9oz brown trout, caught by Phil Saddler, whilst fishing from the boat in Rainbow Corner. There have been frequent reports from anglers of big fish coming short at the boat. England International and world team member Phil Dixon said “you should have seen the size of some of the fish I rose drifting onto A buoy” Phil was fishing a DI-7 line and a tube.

Mr J Worley recorded the best rainbow for the week, a nice 6.5lb fish, whilst Mr A Sutherland recorded the best bag for the week, 4 fish weighing an impressive 20lb 8oz! Water levels have increased steadily and the levels are now around 75% capacity. The water clarity has however remained excellent, although the water temperature has dropped slightly. This has had very little effect on the buzzer hatches and certainly not put the swallows and swifts off as they have been on the water in there hundreds.

The warmer parts of the day have seem some excellent surface action from the fish, however catching them has proven not quite so easy. Buzzers fished on a long leader has been fantastic from the boats, although on windier days shelter has been needed to assist with this method. Less windy days and drifts 2-3oo yards out have proven very fruitful, with some of last years bigger fishing sticking their noses out! Di-5 and blobs and boobies have worked very well too, with many bag limits taken this way this week. All areas have fished well, however Rainbow Corner and Dunns Bay have frequently popped up on the radar as the places to fish, more so as bigger fish appear to be present in these areas.

Bank anglers have had some brilliant sport too, with buzzers drifting in a cross wind taking most fish. Fish are seen moving throughout the day, and despite the rising water, the fish haven’t ventured too far out either, helped by the cooler water temperatures.

With warmer weather finally hitting our shores later this week, I am sure this could be the turning point we are all waiting for to properly kick start our seasons, and have those floating lines on on a more consistent basis!

Our first boat pairs match is fast approaching, and we still have some places left. Fished to International rules, the Rio Challenge pairs competition on Sunday July 1st, allows you to fish with your chosen partner. Entry fee is £23 + you fishing costs for the day. 1st prize pair will win in excess of £1000 worth of Rio tackle, and 2nd prize will win £800 worth of Rio tackle. Prizes will run to 10th place! To book your place please call the fishing lodge on 01788 812018 and ask for Craig Barr, the competition organiser.

Fish caught 451 Fish returned 544 Number of rods 186 Rod average 5.3.

Best flies, black & olive buzzers, Fab blobs, orange blobs, boobies, crunchers, diawl bachs, and damsels.

To book a car pass for bank fishing please call the fishing lodge 01788 812018.
Car parking is FREE for bank and boat anglers.

Bank fishing commences at 7.30 and finishes at 9.30. All anglers are to be off site by 9.50pm
Boat fishing commences at 8.30am and finishes at 9.15pm – (Fish gutting and tackle shop facilities are available on site).

Tight Lines
Craig Barr

Draycote fishing report week ending 13/05/2012

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During the past week 228 rods caught 1152 trout returning 621 for weekly average 5.1

During the warmer settled days the prolific buzzer hatches Draycote is renowned for have not let us down with buzzer fishing on these days being excellent. But the changeable weather and air temperature has dictated that anglers need to be prepared to alter their fishing as the conditions change with some days or part of days fishing best to the buzzer and then changing to pulling lures producing the best catches. Anglers are using floaters, midge tip & DI5 lines to adapt to the changeable weather.

For the bank angler Lin Croft point & Rainbow Corner has by far being the most productive areas with boats catching in Toft, Lin Croft, Cornfield with anglers drifting across the main basin generally picking up the better trout.

Coppenhall Fly Fishers had an enjoyable day with 29 rods catching 174 trout for a rod average 6.0 Leicestershire Police also visited the fishery during the week with Andy Ross as part of his catch recording fish of 7lb & 5lb.

A group of Norwegian anglers took advantage of our three day package catching well into double figures including fish to 6lb.

Two Scottish anglers R. Gardiner caught 12 trout to 4lb & boat partner W. Milligan 8 fish to 4lb leaving a comment in the return book “Heaven on Earth, Brilliant Fishery” were sure they will do the long journey to fish with us again.

Bank angler T. Riches fished a diawl bach taking fish up to 5lb.

Bank anglers are permitted to take their vehicles around the perimeter road but we are limited to 30 cars at any one time, we recommend you call the lodge & book one of the 30 car passes.

Draycote onsite tackle shop is open; we have an excellent selection of Vision clothing-rods-lines-reels-fly lines, Wychwood reels, Redington Rods-reels & Rio Lines. Craig also has a good selection of his popular Flashattack flies. We also for the angler who likes Salmon fishing a selection of Vision Salmon rods.

Lodge open and Bank Fishing from 7.30am

Full Day Boats 8.30am – 9.15pm
Part Day Boats 8.30am – 3.00pm / 3.00pm – 9.15pm
Last Four Hours Permits + Boats 5.00pm onwards

All anglers off site by 9.45pm

Contact the lodge 01788 812018.

Draycote fishing report week ending 06/05/2012

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This week has seen a remarkable change in fortunes for Draycote. For the first time in almost a fortnight we have had a consistent wind direction, albeit a Northerly one for at least 4 days and this, combined with lighter winds has improved the fishing. Swifts and swallows have also been here in large numbers feeding on the lakes surface from dawn till dusk. The birds feeding hard on the water all day can be no coincidence with the increase in rod catches. The more relatively settled weather has bought the buzzers out in there thousands and at times the entire lake surface has been littered with them.

Mr P Hill recorded a fish of 7lb 5oz, and Scottish visiting angler J Mcgregor also landed a brown and returned it, estimating 7.5lb, whilst another member of the party, Wullie Munn also returned a brown of around 6.5lb.. Mr A Ross took the biggest fish of the week, a cracking 8lb rainbow from the sailing club bank, fished from a boat. The fish fell to a green buzzer

Bank anglers have had a good week with many areas of the lake now yielding good fish. Regular angler Tony Broadway got well into double figures fishing off the Hensbrough dam using a floating line and buzzers. Gordon Slack also landed 15 fish from the bank on buzzers whilst fishing Biggin Bay.

Bank anglers have done best using floating lines with a blue flash damsel on the point and a team of buzzers. The best areas have been Biggin Bay, The Hensbrough Dam, Rainbow Corner, Lincroft Point and the Swans nest.
Boat anglers have enjoyed fish from all areas of the lake. The more noticeable areas have been along the cornfileds, the lodge frontage to the sailing club, Biggin Bay, drifting onto the draw off tower, and anglers using the rudder have had some big bags drifting through the middle of the lake.

With the lake being stocked on a weekly basis the lake now has a good head of fish, and with some more settled weather it is sure to be in top form. If you are planning a day at Draycote in May from a boat it would be wise to book early. Combined with competitions and big group bookings May is already looking very busy, not to mention world class buzzer fishing, weather pending of course!

Total number of rods 175
Total of fish killed 382
Total of fish released 559
Rod average 5.3

To book a boat please call the fishing lodge on 01788 812018. Bank car passes of which we have 30 available giving bank anglers car access to the reservoir perimeter road, these 30 car passes are available on the same number.

July the 1st is the first prize competition on Draycote. Sponsored by Rio the winners will win in excess of £1000 of tackle. Prizes will go down to 10th place. The match will be fished to International rules, however you will fish with your chosen partner. Entry fee only £23 + days fishing costs. To book please call the fishing lodge on 01788 812018 and ask for Craig.

August 19th and October 14th are the the dates for the £1000 pairs competition, fished to reservoir rules. Entry fee £25. To book call the fishing lodge on 01788 812018.

Tight Lines
Craig Barr

Draycote fishing report week ending 29/04/2012

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Is there any end to this unsettled weather? Lets hope so!! This week has again been unsettled, yet, we could say typical April weather! The water level has risen steadily each day, with the lake now at 66% full, and filling. The cold water being pumped in has had an effect on the fishing, not to mention the unsettled conditions, as fish have adjusted to the rising water levels and change in water temperature, a common factor when fishing larger waters.

Anglers who have braved the weather have in general done ok, however some have found it tricky. Gary Owen from Loughborough landed 15 fish, fishing boobies on a DI-5 line, and Mr Dempsey, a regular visitor with his rudder, took 8 fish for 26lb drifting across the middle of the lake. Garry Simpson from Totteridge, London, managed 12 fish to the boat fishing a combination of damsels, buzzers and blobs on an intermediate line. Mr I Jones took the best bag average for the week on Saturday, with his 4 fish weighing 17lb, and the biggest fish recorded was 5lb 13oz caught by Mr R Wilson using a Di-7 line.

Daycote Water is yet to show its true form, especially the buzzers. I predict the first settled spell of weather will see the lake erupt into life, with a fish bonanza. With the same amount of fish stocked as the same point last year, yet 25% less water, its got to happen sooner or later. A more versatile approach is needed at the moment with line choice, as the fish, not helped by this sudden rain deluge, have dropped in depth, sitting around 6′ on average.

Bank anglers will be able to drive around the perimeter road, but this will be restricted to 30 cars at any one time, we will operate the same system as last year which worked well, you call the lodge and book one of the 30 available bank car passes. The available bank fishing will be the same as last year, Toft Shallow, Cornfield, Biggin Bay, Dunns Bay up to the start of the dam wall of the Draycote Bank. Rainbow Corner will also be available.

Fish Caught 171 Fish Returned 160 Number of Rods 91 Rod Av – 3.6
Boats off the water at 8.15
Bank fishing finishes at 8.30
All anglers to be off site by 8.45

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Craig Barr


Sunday 1st of July – Rio Challenge Pairs match – Entry fee £23pp + fishing fees. Fished to International rules. 1st prize of £1000 tackle, and prizes to 10th place. You will fish with your chosen partner.
Friday August 10th. Lexus Individual Heat (last one before the Final). To book call 07974748496, or call Draycote Fishing Lodge on 01788 812018.
Sunday 19th August. £1000 pairs match. Entry fee £25+fishing fees, reservoir rules (no rudders, the exception). Prizes to 4th place.
Sunday 14th October.£1000 pairs match. Entry fee £25+fishing fees, reservoir rules (no rudders, the exception). Prizes to 4th place.

Call the fishing lodge on 01788 812018 to book into any of the competitions.

Draycote report week ending 23/04/2012

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The weather this week has remained changeable, as has the fishing. On the less windier days the fishing has been good, yet on the more windier and cooler days the fishing has slowed. The reservoir is now filling up nicely with all the recent rain, and this too will have an effect on the fishing with an almost overnight water temperature change.

Boat angler s have done well predominantly on di-3 and di-5 lines, yet on the less windier days, and there hasn’t been many of late, buzzers have produced some excellent catches. Keith Harding from Birmingham took over 17 fish from a boat using Fab Blobs, whereas Mike Smith from Oxford took his 8 fish limit on buzzers.

The bank fishing has the been generally good this last week, with buzzers taking the majority of fish. Mr Dawson braved Tuesday blustery weather to land 10 fish, including rainbows of 4lb12oz, 4lb 8oz and 3lb 12oz, all overwintered fish, all on black buzzers fished from the bank at Rainbow Corner!

The latest stocking of fish up to 4lb have also started to show 13 year old Tom Gamble and his dad found out with 8 fish, the biggest weighing 4lb 8oz, and the bag weight totalling 26lb.
The best bank areas have been Rainbow Corner, The Henbrough Dam, Dunns Bay and Toft Shallows. The best boat areas have been, Rainbow Corner, the lodge frontage, Lincroft Point, Farnborough Spit and Toft Shallows(down the middle).

Total Rods 147 Total Fish Caught 322 Fish released 379 Rod average 4.7.

Boats start 8.30am and now off the water at 8pm
Bank fishing starts at 7.30am and finished at 8.30
Everyone to be off the site by 8.45pm

Bank anglers can drive around the reservoir, but is limited to 30 cars at any one time, we therefore recommend visiting bank anglers call the lodge & book one of the 30 available bank anglers car pass.

To Book a boat of bank fishing permit please call the fishing lodge on 01788 812018.

Rio Pairs match – Sunday 1st of July (Fantastic Prizes). For full details call Craig Barr on 01788812018.

Draycote report week ending 15/04/2012

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Again this week has been hampered by cold Northerly winds and occasional over night frosts, causing the fish to drop in the water. It has almost become predictable of late, on the colder the days the fish have gone down and on milder less windier days the fish have been taken nearer the surface. Daily catches have reflected this with the rod average one day being over 8, then the very next day dropping to below 4! We must remember we are still in April, which can be so unpredictable with the weather!

This week has seen some of the more resident fish starting to show, with a brown and rainbow over 7lb being caught, both on the same day!

Mr R Wilsons bag weighed 36lb for 8 fish, whereas Eddie Kirks bag weighed 18lb for 4 fish! Friday and Saturday produced some excellent catches with the rod average topping 8.6 on the Friday. Over 26 fish recorded in excess of 4lb.

Sunday however started with a frost and the Northerly wind had increased thus having an effect on the fishing as the rod average dropped below 4.

Fish have generally been deeper, with the DI-5 being the best line from the boat. Mr Severn took a great bag from the boat fishing from the point off Biggin Bay to the tower. He also lost a fish in the region of 10lb!!

Bank anglers have again faired better with the ability to fish the flies slowly and more controlled in the fresher winds. Black and green lures have worked best with intermediate lines, however regular Graham Homer took 4 cracking fish on size 14 buzzers. The usual clouds of buzzers this week have been scarce, this is due to the colder weather. As I write this report the buzzers are back with a vengeance, there’s one even in my coffee!

The water clarity is exceptional, and the lake is continuing to rise as the water is being pumped in from the nearby river. Heavy rain is again forecast for the next 3 days, so pumping is likely to continue.

Number of rods 165 Fish Killed 287 Fish released 416 Rod average 4.3

Lodge & bank fishing open 7.30am
Full Day Boats 8.30am – 7.45pm
Part Day Boats 8.30am – 2.00pm / 2.00pm – 7.45pm
Last Four Hours 3.45 – 7.45pm
Bank Fishing Closes 8.00pm

Bank anglers can drive around the reservoir, but is limited to 30 cars at any one time, we therefore recommend visiting bank anglers call the lodge and book one of the 30 available bank anglers car pass.

July the 1st is the day of the Rio Challenge Pairs match at Draycote. Fished to full International rules. Entry fee is £23 and deposit is required at point of booking. Prizes will be down to 20th place, with the winners winning in excess of £1000 worth of Rio tackle and £100 cash.

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Craig Barr
Tel: 01788 812018

Draycote report week ending 08/04/2012

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Predicting the weather these days is like trying to predict the lottery numbers – neon impossible. From the throws of summer we were dropped backed into the grips of winter last week!

The sudden drop in temperatures and two days of frost sent the fish nose diving to the bottom and anglers turning up for the past good buzzer fishing were left scratching their heads!
All week we had North East, North and Easterly winds which slowed the big buzzer hatches we have been seeing recently, thus sending the fish deeper, and noticeably closer to the shores!

Mr I Bullock took advantage of the fish cruising the shores once again with 12 fish, the best weighing 3lb 6oz, and Peter Elliot also managed well into double figures from the bank fishing buzzers.

Boat anglers wanting to fish floating lines struggled in the colder weather as the fish dropped to around 8′ in the water, deeper in many other cases, as reports from boats using fish finders filtered back to fishery staff.

Rod Wilson found the right depth as he took over 20 fish fishing deep with lures, including 2 browns over 4lb(returned). His 8 fish weighed 29lb 4oz!! Birmingham anger Keith Harding took his 8 fish on buzzers, with the trick being a 20′ leader and 4 heavy buzzers fished from an anchored boat in Toft Shallows.

If the weather forecast is correct it is due to turn cooler again for the weekend, so if you are planning a trip to Draycote be prepared to fish on the dark side!! (sinking lines).

Fish Caught 285
fish released 354
Number of anglers 186
Rod Average 3.4

Boat fishing starts at 8.30am and now off the water at 7.45pm.
Bank anglers start from 7.30am and must be off site by 8.15pm.
Credit card paying facilities are now available at the shop.

Our two £1000 cash prize competition dates will be confirmed this week and also a NEW individual match sponsored by Rio with some fantastic prizes down to 12th place up for grabs. To book call the fishing lodge on 01788 812018.

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Craig Barr

Draycote report week ending 01/04/2012

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From an Indian summer to an arctic blast, this week has seen them both. The fishing has generally still been very good, however Sunday saw a dip in from as the weeks first and only sharp frost, followed by blue skies tested the skills of all visiting anglers.

Mr J Blackband took the weeks best fish, a nice 6lb 12oz rainbow. Scottish visitors C Mclachlan, T Easton and B Aitken all took there bag limits on a 3 day package visit, drifting off Farnborough spit.

The bank fishing has on average still been excellent, with regular anglers Mr Dews an A Broadway both landing in excess of a dozen fish. The best areas have been Toft Shallows, Biggin Bay, The Cornfields and Rainbow Corner. The boats are also finding fish in the same areas, although Lee Henfrey had the best bag on Sunday with 13 fish, drifting in front of the sailing club to the dam using a Di-7 and boobies.

The buzzer hatches have been phenomenal and fish have been rising freely, but have proven tricky to catch. Lures fished on sinking lines have still been the best option, with the Di-3 being the best line choice.

Total number of rods – 204 Fish Taken 573 Fish returned 1193 Rod average 8.65.

Bank anglers can take their cars around the reservoir, but is limited to 30 cars at any one time, call the lodge & book one of the 30 car passes.

We now have credit card payment facilities in the fishing lodge.

Lodge & bank fishing open 7.30am
Full Day Boats 8.30am – 7.30pm
Part Day Boats 8.30am – 2.00pm / 2.00pm – 7.30pm

All anglers off site by 8.00pm

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Craig Barr