Draycote weekly fishing report 6th April

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Tel 01788 812018      Draycote Water Fishery Report Week Ending 6th April

Sport continues to be excellent despite a week in which we experienced some very changeable weather from bright flat calms to very wet, windy & blustery conditions.

Both boat & bank anglers continue to book out some impressive catches & whilst many boat anglers are still catching deep on a variety of lures, those fishing teams of buzzer are starting to enjoy the best of the sport. This was admirably demonstrated by season ticket holder Leigh Cheshire who netted a personal best 9lbs 4oz rainbow on a buzzer nymph. John Mills followed close behind  with an 8lbs 4oz rainbow which was part of a twelve fish total taken on size 14 & 16 crunchers off the Hensborough Bank.


Floating lines continue to be best from the bank & very frequently fish have been found patrolling extremely close to the margins. Regular angler Paul Beasley led the way with an 8lbs rainbow that succumbed to a Montana Nymph. Dependant on wind strength& direction all areas have been producing good sport.

Prospects for sustained action, particularly on the buzzer look good. I have just returned from a tour of the bank and the angler’s cars at Dunns Bay are literally covered with black buzzer!

July 13th Rio Boat Pairs Match – now in its 4th year. Friendly match & atmosphere. Excellent prizes down to tenth place.

Entry £25 per person plus fishing fees.

To book please call the Fishing Lodge on 01788 812018.

Weekly Stats:

Number of rods for the week:   220   Number of fish taken:   473   Number of fish released:  1082

Total Catch:  1555   Rod Average:  7.06     Best fish:  9lbs 4ozs

Current fishing times:

Bank  07:30 until 20:00

Boat   08:30 until 19:45

All anglers to be off site by 20:15
Bank anglers Cap Passes: If you want to take your car around the reservoir perimeter road call the lodge & book one of the 30 available bank angler car passes.

tight lines  Kevin Hart 

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Draycote W/e 31st/03

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The weeks weather started not so well, however ended being much warmer with lighter winds, and the fish sure responded ! Mr C Mclachlan was with us on a 3 day package and everyday he landed in excess of 20 fish on his own.  The majority of his fish came to buzzers, though on Sunday he took a bag full on dries ! Jude Tuff is becoming a regular face on the bank, and there is no wander as she  too has landed lots of fish on every visit.

The bank, despite a 2-3 day lull, has sprung back into action again with bag limits coming off everywhere again.  Buzzers are now in full swing, with fish feeding hard on them in most areas. Toft Shallows has produced some excellent buzzer fishing just recently as this warmer weather has bought the buzzers out in there thousands.

Boats too have got in on the feast, though fishing close to the margins has been critical ! Rainbow Corner has produced well for the boats of late, though Toft Shallows has been the more favourable place to be.The Tower bank is continuing to produce the better fish from the boats. Mr M Woodhouse recorded and returned a cracking 7lb 11oz brown, the biggest recorded for the week.

Floating lines have been best from the bank, though intermediates have still taken a lot of fish. The boats have done well on a more varied array of lines, from the di-7 to floating lines and nymphs.

The best flies have been the Blue Flash Damsel, hot head damsels, orange blobs, small boobies and owl buzzers from the Flash Attack range of flies stocked in the shop.

July 13th Rio Boat Pairs Match –now in its 4th year. Friendly match and atmosphere. Excellent prizes, and to 10th place ! To book please call the fishing lodge on 01788 812018. £25 entry pp plus fishing fees.

Number of rods for the week 176

Number of fish taken 343

Number of fish released 833

Rod Average 6.6


Tight Lines

Craig Bar www.flashattackflies.com

Draycote report w/e23rd march

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Draycote is continuing to fish well, though the opening week fish bonanza has slowed, as could be expected.

The fish are still close to the shores in many areas. Floating lines are working well from the bank, with intermediate lines taking a fair share of fish too.

The Airflo world bank fly fishing competition took place on Sunday, and was won by fishery manager Craig Barr. Craig took 20 fish from the Tower Bank on a floating line with 2 flash attack damsel patterns(blue flash damsel, hot head damsel) and a buzzer in the middle. Welsh International David Hoppe was 2nd with 17 fish. David also used a floating line. 3rd was Andy Axon with 15 fish. Andy used a floating line and a combination of Pitsford peas and damsels.

Boats have done well too, though fishing close to the banks has been key. Floating lines andDI-3 line have been the way forward. Damsles, boobies, blobs and buzzers(small) have been best.

Best areas – banks – Dunns Bay, The Cornfields, Tower Bank, Toft Shallows, Hensbrough bank

Best Boat areas – Tower Bank, Rainbow Corner, Toft Shallows, Dunns Bay, Biggin Bay

Best flies – blue flash damsel, hot head damsel, owl buzzers, pitsford pea, orange blobs,

Best lines – floating, intermediate and intermediate sinkers.

Total number of rods 198

Number of fish caught 292

Number of fish returned 545

Rod average 4.2

Tight lines

Craig Barr www.flashattackflies.com

Draycote w/e 16/03

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Draycotes good start to the season continued, aided by the continued good weather. The weekends clear skies and bright sun did slow things down this last Sunday, as the rod average took a dip.

The bank continues to fish well, as a good head of fish are still holding within 30 feet of the shore. Buzzers are now coming into play more and more, with reports of some fished being stuffed with them! Mr Heseltine and his boat partner caught well using size 14 buzzers and nymphs, fishing tight to the bank in Biggin Bay.

The boats too,overall have fished very well, though the key to success is fishing close to the margins. Keiron Thomas and Craig Gimblett had a great catch from the boat, landing 30 trout on buzzers. Boats have caught well from the Tower bank to the Cornfields. Di-3 sinking lines have found the right depths, though at times intermediates and floating lines have worked well too!

Best flies, Pitsford Pea, blue flash damsel, hot head damsels, blobs, small boobies, owl buzzers, diawl bachs,

Competition News


Sunday the 25th of June Draycote will be holding a heat for the Scierra Pairs boat match, organised by match angler Phil Dixon. For details please call 07921713716, or 01785261427

Rio Pairs Boat Match – Sunday the 13th of July. Fished to International rules. Now in its 4th year. A friendly match and atmosphere, with the top prize winning £1000 of Rio tackle. Prizes to 10th place. Entry fee £25pp plus fishing fees. Entry fee due when booking please. To book a boat please call the fishing lodge on 01788 812018


Total number of rods 323

Number of fish caught  611

Number of fish returned  1407

Rod average  – 6.2


Tight lines

Craig Barr www.flashattackflies.com

Draycote gets off to a flyer

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Draycotes opening week exceeded even the wildest of expectations, with the rod average hitting 29 for opening day, and rounding off to 17.4 for the whole week.

A lot of good quality fish were taken too, with reports of an 8lb rainbow and 7lb brown being returned. Season ticket holder Lorenzo Serrano landed several browns over 5lb, two of which came on the same cast. All were returned.

With far to many good bags to list, one that stands out from the crowd was regular angler John Hoskins who weighed in 8 fish for 37lb ! All were taken on a combination of diawl bachs and buzzers.

The best areas have been literally the whole lake, both bank and boat. The pre season stocking has spread well throughout, allowing anglers to catch in all areas.

Best flies – Pitsford Pea, blue flash damsel, goldhead damsels, orange blobs, small boobies and buzzers.

Number of rods 342

Number of fish taken 1073

Number of fish returned 5580

Rod average 19.4

To book a boat please call 01788 812018.

tight lines

Craig Barr www.flashattackflies.com

Draycote Opens 4th March

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Draycote 2014 season opens on 4th March

With a pre-season stocking of 7,500 trout it should ensure a cracking start with a good head of trout left over from last season.

Bank anglers will once again be able to drive their cars around the perimeter road, we are limited to 30 cars at any one time, we therefore have 30 bank anglers car passes you can book, we suggest to avoid disappointment you call the lodge and pre book one of the 30 car passes.

Due to demand for 2014 we have introduced a new Part Day 1 Rod boat rate £13.50

To book a boat, bank anglers car pass call the lodge 01788 812018 or email lodge@flyfishdraycote.co.uk.

We will be stocking Greys fly fishing tackle for this coming season.

Our membership packages for 2014 are all sold.

Draycote fishing report w/e 24/11

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As we near to the end of the season, Draycote produced a fantastic days fishing for those that fished the year end Fur and Feather match. A cold start was soon put right for many as the fish were in a taking mood, reflected by the 3.9 rod average for 38 anglers taking part !!

Fish were very soon being caught along the Farborough dam wall (in front of lodge) on sinking lines and fry patterns. This area has been fishing well for weeks now, mainly due to the congregation of fry along the dam. Yvonne Webb and her boat partner took their 16 fish limit to the boat along this dam.

Rainbow Corner also produced a 16 fish boat limit for Bill Pugh and Lee Williams. They fished a combination of sinking lines and fry patterns. Sean Hanlon, who came 2nd on the day, also had his 8 fish bag limit from this area.

Fishery manager Craig Barr took 5 of his 7 fish on a midge tip line, just feet from the Cornfields bank in no less than 3’ of water !! Fish were feeding on tiny midge and snails off the surface and Craig tempted them, including the biggest fish of the competition, a 5lb 11oz rainbow, with a midge tip line, Pitsford pea on the point and 2 diawl bachs on the droppers !

The last week has produced some excellent quality fish, ranging from 3lb to 6lb. Boats have done well with fry patterns fished on lines as deep as a di-5, however those who have fished close to the shores with nymphs have also tempted some excellent quality fish.

We close this coming Saturday, so If you would like to catch some superb quality fish then Draycote is the place to try. There are plenty of fish around, so move around until you come across them, you won’t be disappointed !!! The warmest part of the day has definitely been the best from the bank, 11.30 am 1-30pm as fish have responded to even the smallest of hatches.

Number of Rods 125

Number of fish caught 252

Number of fish returned 70

Rod average 2.5


1)    Bill Pugh 8 fish for 25lb 15

2)    Sean Hanlon 8 fish 25lb 12oz

3)    Lee Patten 8 fish 23lb 12oz

4)    Craig Barr 7 fish 23lb 7oz

5)    Yvonne Webb 8 fish 22lb 14oz


Biggest Fish – Craig Barr 5lb 11oz

Match rod average 3.9


A limited number of season tickets are available for 2014, starting from only £375. They are expected to sell fast so if you are interested in purchasing one then please call the fishing lodge on 01788 812018. Bookings are now also being taken for the 2014 season. So if you are planning a day out by yourself, or would like to hold a club competition, or a bigger event then please call the fishing lodge to book. If you cannot reach us by phone you can book by emailing  draycotefishery@btconnect.com –  we will confirm that we have received your email.

If you are wanting that last minute Christmas present remember you can shop on line with us at www.flyfishstore.co.uk

From all the staff at Draycote Water we hope you have enjoyed your fishing here, and we look forward to seeing you all again next season.


Tight Lines


Craig Barr  www.flashattackflies.com

Draycote report w/e 17/11

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Finally we have our first taste of winter, and arctic blast from the North. With this in mind I would think it will only encourage the trout’s desire to pack on fat for the winter ahead, and start feeding hard on what food is around.

Iain Barr and Mark Rooney found it a breeze on Saturday with 26 fish to the boat, the majority of which fell to minky patterns fished on floating lines. My father didn’t quite reach those realms managing 4 fish for the day, again on floating lines.

Boat fishing generally has been pretty good, though one prominent feature is the fish have moved much close to the shores in search of snails, shrimp and fry, therefore fishing closer to the shores has generally brought the better results.

The bank has been improving week on week of late, with some good quality fish being caught. One angler earlier in the week took four fish for 17lb on buzzers, fished on a floating line in Toft Shallows.

The Cornfields and Toft Shallows have been by far the best two areas, though this could be down to most anglers only fishing these two spots ! Floating lines and intermediates have been the best tactics, minkies and nymphs being the focus for the flies.

Our Christmas Fur and Feather match is now full this coming Sunday. The match starts at 10am and finishes at 3.30pm. All entrants are reminded to bring a small prize with them so everyone can take something home.

Number of rods 132

Number of fish caught 167

Number of fish released 161

Rod average 2.48

Bookings are now being taken for 2014 season. To book, whether it is a day’s boat fishing, a club competition or any other event please call the fishing lodge on 01788 812018.

Why not try one of our fantastic 3 day package deals. 3 days fishing including boats and permits for 2 anglers, 1 fish catch and release, only £145, or 3 days fishing including boats and permits and 8 fish per day per angler, catch and release only £185. Our prices for the 2014 season will remain the same as the 2013 season.

If you are struggling for ideas for Christmas presents, remember you can shop on line at www.flyfishstore.co.uk

Tight Lines

Craig Barr www.flashattackflies.com

Draycote fishing report w/e 27/10

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This week has seen some fantastic fish coming out of Draycote from both the bank and boats. No less than 60 fish over 6lb have been taken this week, with 3 fish over 8lb being recorded, the best a fantastic 9lb 8oz fish taken by Mr K Wilkinson, followed by S Peck with a rainbow of 9lb 5oz.

Jude Tuffs took a superb bag of fish from at Toft Shallows, 8 fish weighing 33lb 6oz !! Jude was fishing a floating line with a combination of nymphs and minkies. Tom Gamble and his father recorded 8 fish, also from the bank, weighing 32lb !

The boats have fished well too, with some bonanza bags appearing. Regular visitor John Hoskins took 13 fish on a Flash Attack Coral mini bite size 14 booby, fished on a di-3. He said “ they hit it like a rocket. At one point I almost lost my rod as I put it down to light a cigarette, it frightened me to death!” John’s friend Peter Elliot, also fishing from a boat, winning the SKB tackle match on Saturday, with 8 fish for 26lb 7oz.

The best bank areas have been, Toft Shallows, Rainbow Corner and Lincroft Point to the Cornfields. Minkies, minky boobies, diawl bachs, crunchers, and buzzers have taken most fish, fished on floating lines.

The boats have had the best of the fishing also in Toft Shallows, and the tower dam wall has also produced some big fish, especially browns ! The dam wall in front of the fishing lodge has had a good head of fish over the last week or so, with fish moving into the dam on the fry lined along its margins.

Fry lures have been the best flies from the boats, fished on floating lines to di-5’s. The bigger fish have tended to come deeper down.

Only 3 boats remain for our popular Christmas Fur and Feather match this year, Sunday 24th Nov, So if you would like to fish this friendly, fun and free to enter event(except normal fishing fees), then please call the fishing lodge on 01788 812018. All anglers are reminded to bring along a token gift on the day, so all anglers go home with something. E.G, bottle of wine, tin of biscuits, fly lines, ect ect ect. There will be superb hampers for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places.


This week catches –

Number of rods 191

Number of fish caught 309

Number of fish returned 371

Rod average 3.5

Bookings are now being taken for our 2014 season, opening on March the 4th. There are now limited boats available for opening day. Club days, competition events, corporate days, are all catered for with our fleet of 29 boats (We can cater for more boats upon reasonable notice).

Tight lines to all

Craig Barr www.flashattackflies.com

Draycote report week ending 20/10/13

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Draycote weekly update 20/10/2013

Draycote Closing Day 2013:-  NOVEMBER 30th 2013

Wet & windy conditions have not put a dampener on continuing good sport.

Throughout this week it has remained warm & mild with great action coming from both boat & bank alike.

Fry feeding is firmly on the agenda with Minkies, particularly white ones, topping the list of favoured patterns.

Diawl Bachs, crunchers & corixa patterns have nevertheless also proved effective – especially for the bank anglers, whilst dries have still featured when conditions have allowed.


Larger fish, both browns & rainbows in the 4-6lbs bracket have featured daily in this weeks catch returns. Browns to 9lbs have also been recorded.

Rainbow Corner has produced well, especially for the bank anglers, however the Farborough Dam and Toft have probably been this week’s overall hot spots.

At the start of the week Kevin Rees showed the way with a 13 fish catch from the bank,  which he followed up two days later with a catch of 29 to 5lbs.

In the boat Mr Dar weighed in three rainbows for 15lbs 2oz with a further ten released.

Regular visitors from Scotland, the McGregor party, spent their last weekend of this season with us & were not to be disappointed .Over the two days they caught in excess of 60 rainbows & browns to 6lbs 4oz  for a collective rod average of 6.6 each. Their fish came mainly to floating fry tactics.

Derby Fly Fishers enjoyed a bank match on Sunday with the Wilkins brothers taking 24 between them including a returned rainbow estimated at 10lbs to a White Minkie in Toft.

In the same event, Keith Smith commented that his 30lbs+ eight fish limit had been his “best days fishing all year” with fellow club member Ray Jeffrey also recording a 30lbs+ eight fish limit, including rainbows to 7lbs, all taken on hoppers.


While Di 3s & 5s have scored, particularly in the higher wins, those using floating line tactics have had the edge this week.

Number of rods: 213   Number of fish Taken: 395   Number Released: 501  Total: 896 Rod Average:  4.20

Opening day for 2015 is March the 4th. Bookings for groups, competitions, and individuals are now being taken.

Bank Clearing:- Fishery Staff with assistance from the Severn Trent Rangers are busy bank clearing the overgrown willows this will ensure plenty of open bank fishing areas for bank anglers as we move into the backend and the fry feeding time.

Bookings are now being taken for our 2014 season, opening on Tuesday 4th of March. If you wish to hold a competition in 2014 please call Craig Barr on 01788 812018, or email draycotefishery@btconnect.co.uk Group discounts apply. Please ask for details.

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Last 4 Hour 2.00pm – 6.00pm

All anglers offsite by 6.30pm

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